28 black box calf Kelly too small for me?

  1. i've looked on the threads and seen pics of many of you with your 28 kellys (all of which are gorgeous by the way!) but do you guys think it would be too small for me? i'm 5'7 about 135 lbs (pre pregnancy that is...dont even ask about what i am now :sad: )

    this seems like a good deal for my first H bag..but having not seen a 28 kelly IRL, i dont know if i should pass on it and save up for a bigger bag...

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    here are some pics of me...pre prego..
    cchtedit.JPG trio.JPG
  2. It all depends on what you are looking to use it for. If you are primarily going to use the 28cm for evening or special occasions, I think you should be fine. Otherwise, you might what to wait for a 32 because of your HEIGHT! Your weight is not even a remote concern! You look fabulous and I am sure even post pregnancy, you can rock that Kelly!
  3. What is it intended for? If you have to lug lots of your kid's stuff around, might not be a good choice, but for formal wear, it'll work.
  4. I am 5'5 and I have a 28 cm black box kelly, and I love it.
    So I would say that if you need it as an all day bag you'd better take a 32, but if you are willing to use it more like a dressy, special occasion, or shopping and dinner out only, and if you don't mind bags that look smaller, and are on the ladylike side on your frame, well in that case 28 is just about perfect.

    FYI and commercially speaking, for what's regarding kellys the 32cm is the bestseller size (and for what's regarding birkins it's the 30cm that is the bestseller size)

    Let me add that due to it's rigidity, a 28cm kelly in sellier will look a bit larger and hold a bit less compared to the same size in retourné (retourné is th one you are being offered.)
  5. xb, if it's a box rigide - the 28 should be fine with you esp. that the box kelly is somewhat of a formal bag, and the 28 should be just perfect! i have a 32 box rigide and i think it's big for me. height 5'4" tall and over over 145 lbs preggy state! hope that helps.

    best is to try carrying one in the store if they have one. local H store i think has a 28 box kelly black at the moment.
  6. i think the 28cm kelly is a great size for dressier occasions, esp in box leather...unless it's rigide it looks bigger and perhaps that could be an option for u. if ur looking for an everyday bag, 32cm is great with ur height. u could def carry off the bigger sizes very well.

    btw: ur family pics are adorable!!
  7. I tried on the 28cm in LV, I think it looked fine on me 5'6, so it should be fine on you! I prefer smaller bags so I dont' overstuff them.
  8. That little guy is tooo adorable!!!
  9. I think the 28cm in souple would prob. look a bit small on you, unless you want it as strictly a handbag, but 28cm Sellier could work and I think both 32 souple and Sellier would both work given your height
  10. I think you are a perfect height and weight for a 28. The question becomes how much do you plan on carrying in your bag?

    Can you give us a bit more info?
  11. First of all - lucky for you being so tall!!!

    I think the 28 is fine for evening - but from your two pictures you posted, it looks like you prefer a bigger bag. I guess it all depends on what you want to use her for!
  12. If possible try to go to an Hermes store and see if they have a 32 Kelly and a 28 Kelly you can try on side by side to see how you like them. I know this might not be possible but I still think this is the best way to know how things look/feel to you.
    I have a black Box Kelly 28 in retourne and I have been using it as my daily bag that also goes out at night. I find I don't need anything bigger. I have a couple of Kelly 32 (one sellier, one retourne) and I find especially with the retourne that I don't fill it enough. My stuff just swims in it and it is a little more difficult to close than my 28 when half empty.
    Sizewise I can go with either 28 or 32. I prefer the black Box in 28. I am 5' 2", 107 lbs, and still I can carry either size and look fine. (I am jealous of your height!)
  13. I agree with Tamarind. Try it out and see. A 28cm selllier will look and feel stiffer than a 28cm retourne, and also feel smaller too. But it is great if you want a "lady's purse", even for daily use.
  14. xboobielicousx, I feel you need to try on the 28 and the 32 in the Kelly to see for yourself. It's not how tall you are, it's what feels right to you. I have a 5'2" friend who wears a Birkin 35. I am 5'5" and use a Birkin 30.

    That's what I mean....it's entirely individual, and tho we can all give opinions as to what the right size is for us, you really should try it first, I feel.

    If there's no way you can try the different sizes, then I would opt for a 32.
  15. I agree with ISUS on this one. Essential to try them on but if you can't then opt for the 32cm. With your height this size would work for both day and night.......