$276 NM Chloe Cosmetic Pouch!

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  1. Thanks for posting!
  2. cute, too bad i just bought something and no more $
    thanks for posting!
  3. so cute, but those black locks chip so bad.
  4. I just bought one! YAY! Anything you cab do to not have the black chip off?????
  5. Anything you can do to prevent this?
  6. I got one too!! Thanks for the link!
  7. ohh that is too cute! i wish they had other colors too though!
  8. Super cute! Will you carry it as a clutch or use it as a make-up bag?
  9. You're welcome everyone! :yahoo:

    Don't know what I'm using mine for yet... I'll let ya know!
  10. I'm using mine as a make up bag!