$275 Mini Twiggy Metallic Orange from Barney's

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's the Barney's Co-op in the LA area. My friend called me from there asking if I wanted it this afternoon. I passed it up but someone else can give it a nice home for Christmas :yes:

    She said it was $275 because it was on sale. She said there was some random non-moto B-bag on sale there too but I didn't ask. Avoiding temptation :P
  2. I want it... :crybaby: can't get there.
  3. I think you can call and have them send. It's about 12-25 to send depending on the weight or something.
  4. aw thanks. But i live in Australia... :sad:
  5. $275?!! :nuts: That bag is so cute!
  6. i saw this bag at the camarillo outlets a month ago. Its in a case that you have to look for to find, and you cant see pricing without asking someone and there is never anyone available there! So i passed.

    that and that bag is TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its still pretty cute!
  7. Wait, that's the one!

    Is it a mini Twiggy or Mini Classique (I didn't see it in person)? I think it's actually a Mini Classique....Hm...title change!
  8. the one i saw was a mini twiggy, but it looked smaller than I even thought the mini twiggy would be.
  9. ^ There's two sizes of the mini twiggy. One is really cute and small (4"h x 8"w x 4"d; 18" strap) and the other bigger and can hold nearly as much as the first style can (5"h x 10"w x 4"d; 18" strap).