$2695 2.55 Dark Navy Metallic size "226" available!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am going to behave and will refrain from purchasing the 2.55 dark navy metallic handbag. I must hold out for the dark red!!!! LOL The bag available is the size "226" equivalent, price is $2695.

    So, I would like to pass this bag on to a lucky TPFer. PLEASE PM ME so I can provide you my SA's info! The bag is available from the Chanel boutique (not Neiman's, Saks, etc.).

  2. oohhh! I hope some lucky tpfer grabs it. So nice of you to post it.
  3. ^ me too! my lady at Chanel is so nice that i want her to make a sale from this. i feel bad for passing on this one but i must hold out for the dark red!! LOL
  4. navy is hot!
  5. a lucky tpfer got this bag. can't wait to see pics! :p
  6. Thanks for posting it and i'm glad a pfer got her...it's a lovely bag!