26% off at Gretta Luxe this weekend

  1. So I am a chloe girl at heart, but I just bought my first Balenciaga this december .... a maroon mini bowler, and i love her so much that I think I might have to convert and change my screen name.

    anyway, i was thinking of getting a spring color (any suggestions??) and its definitely going to be this weekend 'cause of the sale that gretta luxe is having.

    I thought i would update all you balenciaga lovers about this sale because I know its hard to get balenciagas on sale.....


    good luck. i will let you know what i find.
  2. Thank you!!! I've been waiting on pins and needles for their next sale since missing their BI Day on sale last winter :sad:
  3. Excuse my ignorance but how do you buy from them other than going to the store? Do they ship? Do they have a good b bag stock? Ship costs? Tax? Help...

  4. On the web site you posted it doesn't say Balenciaga as one of the designers on sale. Do you know if they are including Balenciaga?
  5. Thanks chloe! unfortunately i can only drool due to the distance, sigh....wat a waste!!!

    AS for the next spring color to choose, i will vote for french blue or aqua or even rouge if u are into that!!!