25th anniversary care bears....

  1. So i have just found out 4 months late that they came out with different ones then the white tenderheart bear, and now i am like hyperventilating because i really want the rest and all the websites the care bear site said to goto, they are gone :sad: eBay is a total ripoff. Has anyone seen these lately being sold? I am so wanting the bedtime bear. the love a lot is supposed to be at toys r us. there is also a cheer bear, funshine bear, and share bear. didnt know where to post this, thanks! :shame:

    i want these more then the marc jacobs lovely clutch i have been drooling over :shame:
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  2. Ohhhhh my god, I haven't seen these since I was a kid! I had Cheer Bear, with the rainbow on its tummy and the blue one with the moon. I also had lots of porcelain care bear figurines... I can't believe they're out again!

    Sorry, I haven't seen these around, but I'm going to the shops on the weekend. I'll check out the toystores here in Australia... it's possible they're not as popular as they are in the US, so there may be some left. If they have them, perhaps they'll do an international order? It would turn out cheaper for you with the exchange rate too; I'll PM you if I see any!
  3. awwww! I had Cheer Bear as a kid!

    remember the care bear tv shows and the movie? I loved the movie as a little kid! I used to watch it all the time on the Disney Channel.
  4. the care bears were my favorite cartoon. i own mant care bears, the movies, and other misc stuff, but i am dying to have these. The love a lot is an exclusive of toys r us. i am making my husband take me there after work. He is like how much are these gonna cost? haha
  5. Awww Care Bears share!

    Now I know why I like yellow!
    It's that cute yellow sunshine bear!
    So super cute!
  6. aww I loved the care bears I still have two plastic care baear friendds stuffed away in a box somewhere (the rabbit with a skateboard and lion with a sheild)

    I'll keep my eyes open in the UK for you
  7. LOL I think i had a light pink one, i don't remember it's name.

    Let's do the carebear countdown, and send a wish out in the air.

    if i sang it incorrectly please type out the lyrics...
  8. They don't have good luck bear or grumpy bear?! :blah:

    I loved Care Bears!!! My bff had that sunshine one and Tenderheart (brown with hearts). I had Good Luck bear (green with clover), Grumpy (I think he had a rain cloud) and the Sleepy one (clouds and moon?). I was completely obsessed!!! My mom didn't really let us watch tv, but she let me watch the Carebears show, because it had a "good message" lol :amuse:

    ps- Did you guys have the plastic ones too? I had all of those, because they were cheaper. I still have my Care-a-lot village and the little Sleepy bear! :girlysigh:
  9. I had the castle!
  10. Aww. I still love Care Bears :smile:
  11. OMG guys!!!!!!!!! Toysrus.com has them in stock for $19.99!!!!!

    They have a pink bear with 2 hearts on its belly and a blue Tenderheart!
  12. wow all I can say is CARE BEAR STARE! I had grumpy bear as a child(if thats any indecation of my attitude as a kid). just kidding I was an absolut delight!:graucho:
  13. yay, i got all but bedtime bear just a half an hour ago at toys rus!

    *sings* whose that coming from somewhere up in the sky
    moving fast and bright like a firefly
    Just when you think troubles gonna pounce
    who's gonna be there when it really counts
    do the care bear countdown

    haha i even made a care bear site, its only half finished though :p
  14. either cheer or love a lot :smile:
  15. tenderheart and love alot are 20 dollars. bedtime, share, cheer, and funshine are 16.99 :smile: