1. Hi ladies!

    All things equal (ie. they are the same color, leather, hardware), would you rather get a 25cm Birkin or a 25cm Kelly? And why? TIA!
  2. that's a tough one, but I lean towards the kelly 25. I do believe it's more of an evening feel and daytime too! more versatile
  3. i love both. but ask yourself, where would i use it more?
  4. i recently compared the two--the birkin is strictly dress and the kelly is actually a tad sportier. i mean with the shoulder strap it would be cute with jeans or a cocktail dress and then without for evening.........the 25 birkin almost looks like a childs bag
  5. 25cm kelly not a huge fan of the small birkin myself as for me toteshape=bigger bag. also at my height the birkin looks like i stole my nieces bag while the kelly looks just fine
  6. I think the same as you on this. I saw a small Birkin recently at H and it looked like a miniature. If as they say, the Birkin was designed to be a tote, then I think it is hard to scale it down and it look "right". Conversely, it seems that no matter how large the Birkin gets, (40 cm, 50 cm, etc.) it still looks great. IMHO I don't think just making a bag smaller makes it always "work", especially, as an evening bag.

    I would love a 25 cm sellier Kelly for evening some day.....
  7. I love both. I like a kelly 25 for the evening with short dress and a birkin 25 for the evening with pants. :heart::heart:
  8. I think it depends. I have a friend who is tiny...and she looks great with a white 25. I'm 5'7'' and look crazy.
  9. Thoughts are the same. I cannot pull off a 25cm Birkin but would love a 25cm Kelly in a fun color one day.
  10. I saw a few 25 cm Birkin in lizard and a 25 cm Kelly in ostrich recently. They look very small to me ( I am a 5"4). Both look nice, but I will opt for Kelly. Birkin in 25cm looks smaller and looks very fragile to me (the handles are narrower).
  11. In a 25 cm, the Kelly looks much better. IMO, such a small Birkin looks silly; it is essentially a very casual bag and the tote style doesn't look right in such a small size.
  12. I'd have to say go the Kelly. :smile:
  13. I totally agree. For me the birkin just looks like it is made for a child. I too would like a small kelly sometime.
  14. Go with the Kelly. It's lovely as an evening or luncheon bag!
  15. I have a 25 cm Birkin which I use mostly for evening. I am not a fan of bags that give me that "mini me" feeling, but this was doesn't do that IMO. Personally I think that the 25 Kelly is a much smaller feeling bag and certainly does not have as much room in it. BTW, I have used my 25 for shopping and trips as well. I think it just comes down to what you can feel comfortable wearing.