25cm v 28cm Kellys!!!

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  1. A very wise member here ;)advised me that a 25cm or 28cm Kelly would be the perfect evening, luncheon and even throw on with my jeans bag. BUT I cannot find any comparison pics anywhere, and have not seen pics of a 25cm Kelly. So I am asking anyone if they have any pics they can post of a 25cm Kelly so I can get an idea of how it compares with a 28cm. Of course, if you have both I will be so forever grateful if you could post pics of both for comparison!

    TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. lol,... taking me up eh! I'll get a member here to send you pics of her 25cm and her 28 for comparison.
  3. Thanks Baggs! Yes, your advice is well taken, so I just have to see some pics! He he he!!!!:graucho:
  4. La Van has a 25cm Kelly...

    I would recommend the 28cm for you if it's going to be your only Kelly...or, how about a black box sellier Kelly 25cm and a gold Kelly retourne 28cm?
  5. Hi Jag, I can't find any comparison pics...but here are some of a Kelly 25 sellier & how it looks on Mika..:flowers:
    Orange Lizard Kelly 25.jpg Orange Lizard Kelly 25(2).jpg
  6. I just saw an orange (don't know the name of the color) 25cm Kelly at Hermes Madison today. It was GORGEOUS! Didn't like the color, but I am in love with the size!
    AHHHH..... Maybe some day soonnnnn!
  7. Thank you so much Greentea, Gigi & Eire!!! I am loving that picture of Mika with the 25cm Kelly!

    Greentea- I am thinking of what size would be better for a rigide black box Kelly with GH.:heart: I hope it won't be my only Kelly, but who knows. :graucho:
  8. 28
  9. Oh, sorry I am not Greentea...I should delete that above! Greentea, where are you?

    (Oh, and Greentea I have needed your help too!)
  10. Please, the more suggestions and advice the better! C'mon girls- let me know what you think!!!
  11. Which store in Japan was Mika in when she took that pic- I am going to Tokyo next month and that store has an AMAZING selection!
    Anyone know?
  12. I use a 25 cm rigide for evening. The 28cm seemed just a little less "dressy"
    I do not have a 28 cm to do a real comparison (sorry)
  13. jag, you will wear the 28 more often than the 25. other than it fits more, it can work as an evening/luncheon/formal bag where as the 25 will just be dressier and i don't think you'll carry it shopping.

    but more importantly, how tall are you jag?
  14. Jag, are you wanting it just for evening or possibly using it other times as well?

    IF just for evening the I say 25 rigide, but if you plan to use it other times as well I would go with a 28. (or purchase 2)
  15. I agree with this, the 25 is not great for day time shopping, it fits a regular agenda, bearn wallet, cellphone, lipstic, compact and keys ...that is about it.:yes: