25cm souple kelly - opinions?

  1. My sales associate (who always steers me in a good direction) suggested that the 25 cm kelly in black togo would be a good bag for me because it would serve that smaller-going-out-to-dinner and reception-where-you-need-something-small-and-your-hands-free slot. Currently my small shoulder bag is the prada "body bag" - too sporty for business functions really - and the birkin (which admittedly, spoils you for anything else!) is somewhat big and cumbersome in some situations. I saw the 25cm kelly in raisin this weekend in the store. I think its a really cool size - just about for a wallet-cell phone-blackberry-keys-advil-business cards. In otherwords, what you need at a business reception. Anyone have this bag? Any thoughts, opinions?
  2. I personally would prefer a 25cm Kelly in RIGIDE (sellier) style. I think it'll look better in that size in rigide form, plus it'll definitely look dressier. Also, souple tends to look smaller and since 25cm is already pretty small, rigide may make it look more defined. JMHO.:flowers:
  3. going out to dinner - retourne would be fine.
    formal reception - i agree, sellier is the way to go.
  4. I would personally move up to a size 28. Then, you decide retourne or sellier. Whatever is best for you. I think as you age you will wish you had the 28. Just my opinion.
  5. Hmmmm....Togo? That would put me off for an evening bag in the 25cm size I think. I'd say if you want to stay that small, go for Box or Chevre in Sellier to add that more "evening-wear" look.
  6. I agree, I saw a couple of darling 25 cm box in NYC. They are very small, but perfect for a formal reception. I would not wear it with a long dress, however- I would get the Kelly clutch for that purpose.
  7. I'd do a Kelly 28 retourne in black Togo - um, like Rose's avatar...
  8. I love mine , it's a 32cm, great for everyday use but I don't use it as an evening bag.
  9. I like 25, but prefer them in rigide, they look dainty and more formal. And look stunning in smooth or shinier leathers
    If you like retourne and Togo then 28 would look perfect. :flowers:
    I agree Retourne tend to look smaller, so 28 retourne would look just a little bit bigger then 25 rigide :yes: .

    I remember of seeing the most beautiful Kelly 28 in Vermillion Swift with Gold around last Xmas... and regret of not getting it until today.:crybaby:
  10. I just bought today a 25cm Kelly souple in raisin togo. (I already have a 32cm gold rigide.) The 25cm souple holds quite a bit, and I plan to use it as a day-to-evening bag. I think it would work well for that, but I wouldn't use it for a reception. For something like that, I'd use a smaller or dressier bag.
  11. Also, the 25cm souple feels really nice held in the crook of the arm (like how Kate Moss carried her small croc Kelly that was being debated the other day as to whether it was a 25 or 28). By the way I showed a small picture of that (from this month's Bazaar I think) to the sales associate and she thought it was a 28, not 25.
  12. wow, congrats on getting that sweet little raisin kelly. do you have any pics yet? i don't believe there is a single pic on this forum of a member holding a 25.:tender: :tender:

    ps thanks so much for resolving the size of moss's kelly in that pic!:flowers:
  13. I don't have pictures yet, am terrible with cameras generally and even worse with posting pictures. Will see if my husband can help me with this.
    The bag really is sweet. I saw it and took the plunge right away.
    It looks really cute when worn with the strap too.
  14. ^^ sounds divine. recruit dh right away - i can't wait!!!
  15. Kelly 25cm holds a lot more than it looks! It is great for carrying your essentials. These pictures are pictures of my Kelly 25cm. Kelly 25cm can be perfect day and evening bag!:heart:
    Kelly2.jpg Kelly3.jpg