25cm or 30cm?

  1. Okay, I'm thinking of my next Birkin and lately I've fallen in love with the size 25cm. However, I'm wondering if this is just a fetish at the moment. The 25cm is so adorable and I think would also fit well for evenings. Nevertheless, will I regret it later because it is too small?

    As for the color/leather, I first thought vert anis/lizard, but then I've decided against it. I'm thinking maybe orange with gold hardware. I would also love it if it's box leather ... does orange come in box?

    For those who have orange Birkins, does the color go well with other colors?

    For those with 25cm Birkins, can you share your experience about the size. How much can you really put inside (pics would be great)? Also, ifthe bag is open, is it really wide and easy to pickpocket?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I saw Baggaholic's 25 cm birkin and it was the cutest little thing.
    It looked very elegant and compact. I love the 25 cm and think it is perfect for evenings and especially in exotic skins.
  3. I agree with Minnie on this. The only 25cm's I've seen were all exotics which I think lend themselves to this petite size beautifully!
  4. I believe Gracekelly here has a 25. We should ask her about her feelings on carrying it. It is really a beautiful bag and such an adorable proportion. Much easier for me to envision carrying a 25 Birkin than a 25 Kelly.
  5. Ninjasue has a lovely 25 (gold?) and I think Star posted pictures of her black lizard one a while back. I think Star's is a 25 but maybe I am wrong.
    I don't have an orange Birkin but have an orange Kelly. I think orange is a great color. It goes with more things than I thought it would, and I always find it cheers me up. I haven't seen orange in box though.
  6. And I am sure you know this already, but here goes anyway: I have no doubt that Ninjasue can pack a lot in her Birkin 25.
  7. I have seen orange in box.It is very pretty.I think orange is very wearable.I love the 25 size birkin.I find them very striking.I would love to have a bright color maybe a red.
  8. Oh I love Ninjasue's birkin!!
  9. i use my 25 birkin vermillion lizard a lot esp. going out to dinner or brunch. and with your height lavan, it would be perfect on you!

    when i go out with it, i can fit my dogon wallet, cellphone, car keys but i dont carry my karo (w/c holds mt makeup - i just usually take out the lipstick and compact mirror for the night and incl. that in my birkin). and if the 25 kelly was perfect on you, this will be too!
  10. I think exotics on 25cm is pretty, LaVan. For a orange non-exotic that you're after, I think 30cm would still be more elegant.

    Re orange box - someone correct me if I am wrong, I think there is orange box but it hasn't been produced for a very long time.
  11. I can tell you within the last year I searched out orange box LaVan, but it is not something available. (I had it on the brain for quite some time) You could try and SO it, but I would lean toward expecting not to receive it. I just wanted to let you know what my research on orange box turned up. You may find something different since you are in Europe, but in the U.S. I was told "impossible".
  12. the size is perfect as a bag for day as well if you ever carried the Fendi baguette remember how it made you think twice about what you put in it? Well this bag dose the same but it is Very practical and has more space than you think. I love that it hold essentials. and you don`t over pack. When shopping with it I tend to leave useless things at home and it helps on the arm pain the 35 can cause. I like it!
  13. I've got a dear friend who only uses her white epsom 25 as a summer bag. Day or evening...it looks so darling on her.
  14. Sue looks phenomenal with her Gold mini, :tup:!! I do think that it is all a matter of proportion. We used to get a few 25 cms. in brightly colored mysore that would make it out to the shelves here, because we are bigger boned folks in the Midwest and like our bags accordingly large (just a guess). But, in the right hue or the right skin, and of course, on the right lady, this can be a wonderful alternative.
  15. my SAs said the 25 is "so small it looks like a cosmetic case"...BUT i think it would be quite lovely on you LV...get one with a great pop of color! it would be a great day to night bag.