25cm Kelly?

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  1. Anyone know the measurements of a 25cm Kelly?

    I know ONE side.....10" (LOL!!!!)

    Would love the height and width if anyone knows.......

    Thank you, ladies!!!!
  2. Ms.D!
    Ah what timing you asked. I JUST TRIED ONE ON TODAY!

    Well I cannot tell you the size but... it looked really cute on us (small girls); but it kinda reminds me of a "MINI -me"

    I think you'ld love it if your looking for something small but not as small as a JPG kelly
  3. What is muffin up to now?:nuts:
  4. OK getting out my Kelly and my ruler ----

    1. It's a little less than 10 " at the base, close to 9 1/2
    Length on top (since Kelly is a trapezoid) is a little less than 8 1/2"
    2. Height is about 7 " without handle. For handle, add another 3 1/2"
    3. Width: 4 " at the base.
    Mine is a retourne togo. Sellier might be a little different?
    Are you thinking of getting one? I love mine. It works really well with the bag charm too, to extend strap to wear messenger style.
  5. BTW I am very close to your height, a little shorter and a lot more short-waisted, but I think it would look great on you, and you can definitely rock it messenger style.
  6. Oh, I would LOVE some pics if anyone has any!!!! I'm just thinking ahead quite a bit.....would love a small Kelly eventually and I'm thinking a 25cm might just fit the bill.....

    How much can you fit inside, Tamarind?
  7. Could be Boo-Boo...;)
  8. Boo-Boo is in training................
  9. Here are a couple of links about La Vanguardia's 25 cm Kelly. Photos of her with the bag and photos of what the bag can hold


  10. Oooh, I tried one on today as well!!

    Black box, completly TDF... Only thing was, do I want a black box kelly now?
  11. I just looked at lavan's pictures and I am really impressed...I haven't tried fitting a little umbrella before.
    I usually carry as little as possible, so I have a wallet (similar to Bearn size), a very thin agenda the size of a checkbook, keys in a flat pouch, a razor thin cell phone, a little bag of contact lenses stuff, and the Hermes rain protection that I actually was forced to use the other day.
    I think Ninjasue has a very pretty Kelly 25 in which she can pack an unbelievable number of things.
  12. Hmmm...S'Mom... Is Muffin more interested in a dinner/evening Kelly or a go anywhere/anytime Kelly? I am trying to visualize...the 28 is absolutely perfect on you...for both elegant and funky/casual looks...now trying to imagine the 25...
  13. Hi, SM! Here is a pic with a 25cm sellier next to a 25cm retourne:

    Here is a dark and blurry pic of me wearing the 25cm sellier:

    And a less blurry pic with the same gorgeous, chevre Kelly:

    While the 25cm Kelly doesn't hold nearly as much as the 25cm Birkin, it does hold quite a lot and I love it!!
  14. OMG Ninjasue I love your kelly, I love your kelly, I love your kelly! What color/leather is it? It is so beautiful!!!!What a cadena too!!!:yes::yes::yes:
  15. Thanks so much, Medusa! She is a 25cm vermillon chevre sellier Kelly with gold h/w. It has been very hard for me to put this bag down since I got it!