25cm kelly -- should i, or shouldn't i?

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    aaackk -- out of the blue i just got offerred a 25 sellier kelly in vert anis chevre. so what's the problem, you ask? well, the problem is that i tried a 32 and sold it because it was too small! i love chevre and i love vert anis . . . if the dang thing were a 35 it would already be wrapped up and in the mail to me.

    but tell my ladies, should i try expanding my horizons and get a small bag? a 25 sellier might be nice for going out, eh? think i could get my $ back by selling if it didn't work out?
  2. 25cm is nice for going out and evenings. But it really depends how much stuff you carry. If a 32cm is small for you already, then a 25cm is TINY!
  3. DQ, I know you! This bag will be too small for you!!!! You'll end up using it as a coin purse or Metrocard holder.
  4. thanks lavan -- i should have clarified that the 32 was too small for work. but i wouldn't be expecting this to do work duty.

    i guess i just need help figuring out whether to buy it as a going out bag. to be honest, i don't know whether i'm hoping to be talked into or out of it! :P
  5. :dftt: STOP STOP STOP, DQ! Do not feed the Impulse Troll!! The 25 is very very very small. If you thought the 32 was small, yes, this one will be miniscule.

    JMHO, of course. :whistle:

    [edit] If only for evenings out, then you'll be okay with this for keys, credit card and maybe a teeny wallet (or mobile phone).
  6. DQ....Vert Anis will be bright in Chevre and could be just the POP needed for an evening bag but if you use it strictly for that, I think it's color limits your usage even for an evening bag. KWIM?

    ......sigh.....actually, I think it's too small for you too, DQ.
  7. SO true! I totally agree! If you already have a vast collection (that includes several everyday bags), then I say go ahead and buy a bag that's only for evenings out. However, if you're still looking for everyday bags, then I say hold off on the 25 until you have enough of the bigger bags.
  8. I'd wait for the 35 :yes:
  9. Dressage, don't count on selling it and making anything, should you buy it, and decide not to keep it. In fact, be ready to take a sizeable loss unless you are a big name Ebay seller or can afford to sit on the bag for awhile.

    I've never had any problem finding Kellys in the boutiques and unless this 25cm really makes your heart race ( and it may!!) I would wait for the piece(s) you really want.
  10. I agree with D, Vert Anis in Chevre is beautiful, but if your aim is to use it as an evening bag I think its usage may be limited and in that size & color will look like a child's bag. If it were black then that may be better.
  11. Can you think of a lot of things already in your closet to wear with it for going out? If not, it probably isn't a great buy.
    I personally love the 25 and use mine a lot for going out, and I think a small Kelly in an unusual color is so chic. But if you are not in love with it or think you'd buy it but would later sell if it doesn't work, then it sounds to me like this is not for you.
  12. ....or an exotic! :yes: But then I'd probably opt for that fabby Kelly clutch that Russian actress was holding in the other thread........:love:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    thanks darlings -- it appears to be unanimous! besides, what am i doing even THINKING of this when we still don't know whether we're going to have to cough up the dough for doggie chemotherapy? :noggin:

    it's just that, well, when they call and say they have a bag in a leather and a color you love it's REALLY hard to say no! but i'm gonna. maybe i'll watch ebay for an older one to test drive . . . .
  14. I think if it was a 28 we'd be saying go for it in that great color! But a 25 - I just think it would be quite small...too small to earn it's keep IMO!
  15. Right.......Jeter comes first. Besides, remember the 28cm retourne Kelly in Barenia? It was nice, but you said that was too small at a 28cm. Can you imagine a 25cm?
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