25cm kelly questions...

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  1. I was this close to buying a little 25cm kelly the other day but I have a few questions from all you experts before I do. As it's a very small bag, I'm sure it will only hold essentials, if you have one, what can your bag hold. Is it very hard to get in and out of it? Is it better to get a rigid or souple - exactly what is the difference sizewise? What looks better in this size bag - rigid or souple? I CAN'T GET THIS BAG OUT OF MY MIND!!!!
  2. Hi, Molls. What leather was the 25cm Kelly and was it retourne or sellier? I have a togo retourne 25cm Kelly and it fits a lot! In it, I can easily fit: Dogon compact wallet, Dogon key wallet, business card case, sunglasses, gum, Aleve, lipstick, lipgloss, digital camera and LV pochette Tulum. In my 20cm box leather sellier Kellys, I can fit all of the above except for the sunglasses and pochette Tulum. HTH!!

  3. OMG Ninja Sue, you actually CAN fit a lot in these little bags. It was vert anis goatskin and and was rigid so is that retourne? Oh and after I left, I'm sure the SA's were cleaning up my drool that must have been all over that bag :P.
  4. Ah, the KOP Kelly!! It is sellier (rigide). That bag is gorgeous. If I didn't just buy a green Kelly I would have snapped that beauty up! Definitely go for it!
  5. YES!!!! That's the one. Does sellier hold less?
  6. Maybe, but I don't over stuff my retourne. I hate togo with bulging sides so I don't carry as much as I probably could. Oh, Molls, that bag is totally TD4. Buy it and post pix so I can drool over it!!
  7. LOL, I just made a few HUGE purchases and can't do it until after the holidays. If that bag is still there in January, then I know it was meant to be. If I do get it, I'll definitely post pics :yes: .
  8. PLEASE buy that bag! I'm having a love affair with Vert Anis chevre right now. STUNNING! Just picture it with a LBD or black pantsuit for evening - and perfect with jeans, too!
  9. LOL, I want to buy it sooooooo bad, but I've spent waaaaaay too much money this month and my husband is really cool about things like this but I think he'd pop something if I went ahead and bought it - he was with me, knows the price and knows I don't own anything Hermes yet, so I can't pass it off as, "oh, this old thing". I'm thinking in a month (if it's still there), she'll be mine. Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me.
  10. dianagrace, thank you so much for posting that link, but there is absolutely no way all that would fit in that little kelly I saw. I'm wondering if it's because la van's kelly is retourne and the kelly I saw is sellier? It has to :shrugs: .
  11. Just to stir up the mix.....I like to be able to access all of my things inside Kelly easily and quickly. And, if it's overfilled, that just doesn't happen.

    Nothing sits on top of anything, everything ( at least when I start out ) is stacked back to back but, I just cannot get that much inside, even my 28 Kelly! It is quite an adequate size for me....but from what I see, a lot of ladies carry lots more than I do.

    ....I love my Kellys, but just to say that I don't find the 28 all that large ( for me )

    Somewhere recently there was a post that said something like.....the 28 feels small but adequate...the 32 just a little large.