25cm Croc Kelly OR Croc Kelly Clutch???

  1. All the discussions about the 25cm Kelly is making me think which is a preferred evening bag.

    A 25cm Croc Kelly OR A Croc Kelly Clutch (can the the Kelly Longue, JPG Kelly Pouchette, Kelly Elan ....)???

    What do you think?
  2. OMG, that's an easy question for me!! croc kelly all the way!!!! i am waiting to buy one myself....
  3. hmm..good question.
    i think 25cm kelly will show off the croc skin better.
  4. For me -- a croc Kelly (and not clutch).

    I personally don't find many occasions to use a clutch....

    But anything in CROC is gorgeous...
  5. I know! I read your post, PBC!
  6. I guess a 25cm Kelly is great for dining at swanky restaurants.

    When it comes to formal dinner and dance events for example, would a clutch be better? Or a 25cm Kelly would do too? Would love to hear opinions.
  7. Croc kelly!!I love Braise red one that one of the pfmembers has.Just beautiful.
  8. Croc Kelly!!!!!! (Sorry, got myself a little excited there!)
  9. Lux, I saw the pictures of your shiny black porosus Kelly and it's TDF. That's why I wonder why I have not looked into a 25cm Kelly before?!

    Do you have any Hermes in Action pictures with your croc Kelly?
  10. I tried on a Croc Kelly Clutch recently and I find it very chic and stylish!
    I can sooo see wearing itto dinner with little black dresses!
  11. well...I dont have a kelly yet:p

    But if you already have a kelly28 or 32 in non-exotic...IMO, a kelly elan or longue will be a nice variety esp in crocs:drool:

    Also, clutches are very classy for evening outs:smile:
  12. ^^ I agree with Accessorize*me. I like the Kelly Clutch more too.

    Accessorize*me, did you get it? :drool:
  13. I ADORE the 25 Kelly in croc, but for ME, I'd get more use from a croc Clutch - tres elegant, no?
  14. hmm..I think 25 kelly would still do it. because it's dainty enough.
    but i bet croc clutch is super gorgeous, too.

    ack..now i can't decide. :biggrin:
  15. For sure a 25cm CROC kelly!!!!! its sooo elegant and like Fesdu said earlier, I think it would show off the croc skin better also!! 25cm CROC is my grail bag!!!