25cm birkins

  1. i would like some feedback: i am considering a 25 cm birkin. are they too small for everyday (not really everyday but often) grab and go or are they really just for dress? thanks!
  2. Birkin 30 is a tad heavy so I find Birkin 25 works fine for me. Plus, I don't carry many things in my bag, i.e. wallet, keypouch, phone, lipbalm and tissue pack.

    Most people find Birkin 25 is too small and they use it as an evening bag.

  3. thanks!--i have a bad back and dont like big or heavy bags so it may work for me too.
  4. Hermesaholic, how tall are you? On a shortie like me, the 25cm Birkin is perfect! I'm 4'10" and carry a 25cm Birkin most days. It fits everything I need to carry and then some - but I'm used to carrying small bags.
  5. I would love to see pics of these, they seem to be quite rare:flowers:
  6. Nola, here is a pic of me with my black togo 25cm Birkin:


    This is my gold togo 25cm Birkin:

    This is the bag that converted me to a Birkin girl!
  7. That picture I remember Ninja Sue! It´s such a beautiful bag and you look so smashing! I didn´t know you had a gold one as well-gorgeous!
  8. 5:6 i think it may be too small for me
  9. Size comparison between Birkin 30 and Birkin 25

  10. Wow, ninja, they're both adorable. Love the size.
  11. I am around 5'4".
  12. I think it would be, unless you decide to use it as an evening bag. IMO, and just MO, I never found the Birkin to be a good evening bag.

  13. yes you are right (as usual)
  14. I've been wrong, trust me. But, you are much taller than Sue.
  15. NS those pics are great!!