25cm birkin

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  1. ladies

    What are your views on the 25cm birkin?
    - waste of money?
    - impractical?

    After my 25cm box kelly, am thinking perhaps I should get another smaller bag for evenings or for occassions where i don't need to carry a lot of things...
  2. i love my 25 lizard vermillion birkin....i carry it a lot going out to casual dinners and cocktail parties (and brunch too!). the color just pops and it fits all my essentials without removing credit cards from my wallet to fit it in a small purse! in goes my keys, full cosmetic case, cellphone, pen, camera etc.....

    the kelly 25 looks a lot smaller to me. the compartment is smaller compared to a birkin, IMO.....but i want a 25 kelly in the future (in an exotic skin)......
  3. I love the way they look, not as practical, but great for evening!
  4. pazt, your baby Birkin sounds scrumptious!

    Is it easy to access...putting things inside, getting them out?

    Will the handles fit on the arm or do you just carry in hand?
  5. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE an exotic COLORFUL 25cm birkin not just for special occasions but for when i don't want to carry too much and still be high stylin' (i.e. sitting at the BJ tables with DH on vegas trips)!! how elegant & classy!!!!
  6. I want one! :yes: I saw one in SF (a while back) in orange suede. :drool: It was sooooo gorgeous!!!!

    Do they only come in exotics/suede or can you get them in "regular" leathers too?
  7. They are really CUTE (saw one in Toronto H store :drool: in red!) but pricey! I think if you do a lot of outings (day or night), it's worth to have one!:yes:

    pazt, your lizard birkin sounds divine!:love:
  8. I seriously drool over mine when I take it out of sleeper, lol.. out for dinner,when I attend functions in the daytime and even when shopping, it has been very practical and luxurious at the same time. I can't really fit my arm under the handle unless I am sleevless, so you have to hold it with your hands by the handles, imo. I needed this size for different occasions not everyday.
  9. Lizard 25cm is great for dinner out, cocktail party...etc. But honestly, it's not practical. You have to be careful with water with lizard... It's not everyday bag but it's nice to have...It has feminine & lady-like look.:love:
  10. IMO, 25cm birkin is not impractical and waste of money. But then, it depends on your lifestyle. I've one in black croc w/diamond hardware where I carry it to mega parties and even having lunch with my friends. I need to own more and more diamond birkins. Once you own one, you never look back. If I'm too dressy, I opt out the diamond lock and just the birkin with the diamonds studded on the hardware.
  11. dior: wow...ur bags sound soooooooooo DIVINE!!! i wouldn't mind owning just one croc birkin, let alone croc with diamonds!!!! wowzas!!!!
  12. I agree! Nothing is like owning a diamond Birkin...My mom's diamond Birkin is TDF!:drool: :drool: :heart: :love: :heart: I need my own! SOON!!! I want a diamond Birkin in a light color...not in black...it's just my taste...
  13. I think a 25cm Birkin is a cute alternative to a clutch. It fits quite a lot too (saw a vert anis one once)
  14. Yes, yes, aspen. You need to own one. I recommend white croc diamond birkin. White diamonds with white croc, TDF. Ahhh...Santa Claus, please fulfill my dreams.:nuts:
  15. I think the 25cm birkin is absolutely gorgeous. I've seen one in purple, ostrich leather. It is just sooooooooo cute and pretty!!! Perfect if you are looking for an evening bag. :yes: