25cm Birkin

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  1. 25cm Birkin Bag any idea what this bag retails for ?

    I love the color.


    Edited to ask do think this bag compares in size to a speedy 25 ?
  2. Around $5500 togo 25cm.
  3. Love this color!!!
  4. This is raisin, right? Such a pretty bag!!!!

    Questions for the ladies ... Would a Birkin 25cm be too small on someone who is 5 ft 8?
  5. I think it is cyclamen. Baggaholic got a Kelly in this color, its gorgeous!

    I think a 25cm is pretty small, but might be great for an evening or luncheon bag. JMO.
  6. it looks like violet to me. raisin is darker and cyclamen brighter .oh and i find the 25 tiny and it only looks good when carried handheld handbag like and closed. open it looks like a tote beeing washed too hot
  7. A friend purchased one from Hermes last month for $5650, black togo. This color is gorgeous !

    I'm 5' 9" and the bag looked too small for my frame.
  8. Hmmmm....beautiful color! What about a 28cm Kelly instead and save the Birkin for a 30 or 35? 25cm seems mighty small for an every day bag......

  9. baggaholic's kelly was more pinkish and brighter than this.
    I think the color of this bag is just absolutely beautiful. Its definitely on my wishlist. Although I would like it in chevre, not togo. A kelly or bolide in this color would also be nice.
  10. I would love this color in a Kelly and in chevre! OMG! HOw gorgeous would that be! Adding to mental wish list!
  11. Oops, I didn't mean to aid and abet. lol :jammin:
  12. I think a 25 is too small. I agree with shopmom, for that small of a bag, I'd go with a kelly and save the 30 or 35 for a birkin.
  13. it looks like violet. the raisin is darker and the cyclamen is pinker. the 25 birkin is very small. the 28 kelly is small also. best size IMO for everyday use is the 30 birkin and the 32 kelly. best size IMO for work is the 35 birkin and 35 kelly.

  14. I would like to see a 25cm birkin in person...haven't seen one yet. But I want one in a violet croc for like more formal occasions. I don't know if a 28cm kelly would be right for me though. :shrugs:

    I use my 35 birkin every day and surprisingly it has not been cumbersome. I'm not using it for work because I don't work right now...but as short as I am it doesn't overwhelm me. My next birkin however will be a 30cm just for sake of variety.
  15. Love it!!!! Seriously, Violet is gorgeous!~ I love this more than Cyclamen and maybe fuschia- hmmmm...... My mind is in overdrive right now~ I JUST WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P