25cm birkin question

  1. Does anyone have a modeling pic of a 25cm Birkin? And does anyone know the current price for togo with palladium h/w???

  2. Thank you!!!
    Anyone know how tall she is??? I'm afraid I may need to have something bigger as I am 5'10"!!!!
  3. Jbcrsq, Here is a picture of me with my 25cm BJ Birkin. I'm 5'9". I hope this helps. I like it for spring/summer when clothing is lighter.
    25 birkin.jpg
  4. Mmmm gorgeous!!! I think I will definitely look into it as it might be a good size for me! Thank you for the pic!
  5. AHHHHH!!!!
    They are just toooo fabby!!!

    Do these show up in the stores or are they by special order only?
  6. ^^^ honestly, I lucked in. I went in to buy a BJ Lindy and my SA told me they had a 25 BJ birkin and I was sold. I just had to wait for a few months and got my Lindy in Orange!
  7. liness92. It looks great on you. I love birkin 25 too. :tup:
  8. ^^^
    Thank you ILML!