$2580 for mono bag?

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The LV SC bag...is it worth $2580?

  1. No, go for something else

  2. Technically no, but I am buying one anyway

  3. Yes, save up and hope you can still find one

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  1. I am so disappointed. I would really LOVE to get the Sofia Coppola bag when it comes out in March, but when I contacted LV to get a price they wrote me that the monogram version of the bag is going to be $2580!!! :wtf: I don't think there is any way I can save up that kind of money for a bag in two months, and I am sure it will sell out immediately. I know it's a limited edition and has a famous person's name on it, but this seems like a LOT for a monogram canvas bag. Does anyone else think this is a bit over the top? :crybaby:
  2. i really like the design, but i agree that the price is too much to stomach.
  3. the etoile shopper is $3500... for canvas! and its limited/seasonal whatever you want to call it...

    I guess its the price you pay!
  4. Im outta the loop!LOL!PIC?what is this bag??
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    She's referring to the Sophia Coppola designed LV Mono bag. It's in the LV reference thread. It basically is the size of a Speedy 35 but sort of looks like a Keepall. It comes with a detachable strap and has a double zipper. The zipper comes down on either side of the bag, so the opening is big. There's a Mono version and a leather version, and a suede version. It's in the LV lookbook now but I think it's suppose to come out in May 2009 not March 2009. I just saw the lookbook over the weekend at LV.

    It's a great bag but yes, it seems way overpriced. I would love to have it but I can't justify spending over $2,000 USD for a bag. Oh well!! (I think if it was $1,500 USD then I could handle that price but over $2K is just too much!)

    Post 5 and 14 show the suede and Mono bag:
  6. Do you mean the one that looks like the small Keepall? Personally, I don't care for it and I think it's over-priced! Just because she design it doesn't mean it's worth double the price. I would go for something else.
  7. I really like the bag, I hated the first picture, but's growing on me, it's like a small keepall/speedy/carryall with a strap and that's the bag I was looking for, but I cant afford it now or in a couple of months...
    If you can afford it, go for it, if not, there are so many LV bags to choose from...
    (At first I thought $2580 was for the calfskin version, but for canvas it's a bit too much)
    I'm confused about this bag... I love it, and hate it...
  8. i love this bag since i first saw it, but i wouldn't pay over 2k for it. i'd rather get the keepall 45 for half the price. bye bye SC bag...
  9. I wish that was for the leather version! That one is another $2k!!! I don't think I will be able to afford it. :crybaby:
  10. no thanks. you can get a keepall or two for less
  11. Don't worry, you'll get over it... eventually! lol
    I felt the same about the Richard Prince Pulp Weekender GM in yellow... I really wanted it, but I got 2 bags and a wallet instead...
    (I still secretly want it hahaha)
  12. It's nice, but I feel that it's very feminine.
  13. No, go for something else
  14. I voted no.
  15. It's a lot of money for canvas. I'd personally use the money and get me a Suhali Lockit PM or MM, a Nomade Speedy or Alma, Epi Bowling Montaigne GM or Chanel Jumbo flap in caviar leather.