255 with pearls and mirror

  1. anyone know where i can find that 255 with the pearls and mirror???
  2. You can try the NM in Beverly Hills 310 550 5900
    They had one about a week or so ago - might be still there.
  3. NM Tampa has it! Ask for Lyndsey in handbags... 81387735700
  4. Saks, Chevy Chase, MD had 2 of them as of 4pm this afternoon.
  5. I love that 255 with the pearls!!! bought mine at Bergdorf Goodman. The details on the bag match the blazer and skirt that that I also purchased. Call Joseph at 917-776-9353 and he will see if there is one in stock. I was ther on friday and he was holding one for a client..hes the best!!! Btw I removed the mirror and attached it to my pouchette.
    tre chic!!