$2500 budget...what to get?

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  1. My parents are giving me some bag money for my birthday.
    I don't have a chanel yet and been wanting to get one...bought a ML black flap in feb but returned it coz hubby had sticker shock! I thought I was doin him a favour by saving over 500 but it still did not go over very well lol. I did not even try the bag on. Returned it soon as I got it! Peace in my marriage is definitely more important than a bag.

    Anyways with 2500 what should I do for my first legitimate chanel purchase LOL?
    My options are:

    Vintage black lambskin M/L flap from reseller
    Vintage red caviar 1990s small flap for 2200 pristine condition from friend
    Brand new WOC maybe red
    Save for Jumbo flap

    I don't carry much for everyday as I work from home. My bags are used mainly for shopping, dinner out and church. I would like a red bag for pop of color in my wardrobe. I don't really "need" a dressy black bag as I have a marc Jacobs baby Stam in icy black. And I have a black Gucci too. But of course a chanel is a chanel lol.

    This is probably also going to be my one and only chanel as I try to keep my capsule collection as small and diverse as possible.

    Part of me wants the brand new WOC now so I can have a boutique purchase experience. Part of me wants to have a bigger bag and save by going the preloved route. Jumbo size is an overkill for me as it will not get used very much because its just too big for what I carry. I probably will use it twice a month. WOC I can use daily as I don't have a big wallet. I do have the Dior new lock pouch which is bigger than the WOC.WOC may be a practical buy but I'm dying to have a classic flap!

    What a dilemma! Any bits of wisdom you can provide will be much appreciated.

    :flowers: thanks!
  2. Vintage red caviar 1990s small flap for 2200 pristine condition from friend :woohoo:
  3. No question: the vintage red caviar flap!! Post pics!!
  4. Another vote for vintage red caviar!
  5. What about a small tote or seasonal flap? There are a few out there thats less than 2500. Here are a few options:



    Goodluck on deciding!
  6. Wow...red vintage is ahead...thanks guys!

    Annechinky...since this is going to be my only chanel possibly, I want to stick to classics...appreciate the suggestion..thanks anyway!
  7. Red is still classic. You can wear it with black, cream, denim etc. and caviar leather last long. Get it!
  8. I would go for a brand new red WOC and have the Boutique experience of a lifetime, especially if you plan on owning just one Chanel. Good luck and update us on your decision :smile:
  9. Thanks Ariel..by classic I meant shapes instead of the seasonal bags...I do wear a lot of neutrals and purples so red will be a great addition

    Thanks Emerilla...yeah buying brand new has its appeal especially since I don't usually do it...I love getting as new, mint or pristine bags at lower than retail.

    My friend lives in the States and I live in Canada so my other concern is if I buy the red vintage I'm sure I will age a few years worrying about the shipping process! But then again I don't live near a boutique so if I visit one it won't be guaranteed they'll have a red one.
  10. Did you think about a mini flap?

    It's classic, price didn't go up as much as other sizes
  11. Chain with clutch for $2,600!
  12. I'd stay away from vintage things... go for something brand new... you will be 100% more satisfied... I like the idea of a seasonal tote
  13. Red caviar flap! Make sure its authentic first.
  14. I'd recommend the Red Chic Caviar M/L at around $2500... there's a picture under the Chanel Finds from the last couple of days.
  15. Hi Scaredycat...I remembered the excitement about reading your purchase of the m/l classic flap back in Feb. I'm sorry that you had to return it. I also remembered you were looking into purchasing a PST back then. Does that option fade away? PST is in the classic line, although the original PST (2000 usd, cheaper in Canada) has becoming hard to find as Chanel is redesigning it into a bigger bag. PST is a very practical tote IMO.
    If you want to stick with flaps, the current minis are within your budget. Rectangle minis are $2400, and square minis are $2200. WOCs are great options, but they don't hold much. If you are using it as a wallet, the chain will take up most of the space in the bag though. I won't suggest a jumbo if you don't carry much. It would be overkill for church and dinner to haul such a big bag around.
    The pristine small red flap from your friend sounds like a great option. It is a classic flap as you have always wanted. My vote goes there if minis and petit tote are not options for you! Please let us know what you've got. Best wishes!