250$ to spend today

  1. I realy realy need a little LV fix today to get over a breakup...
    I have 250$ to spend what do you guys suggest?
    I was thinging about the damier azur mini-pochette but im not sure...
    Do you know how much is a inclusion bracelet?:confused1:

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Damier pochette or groom cles?
  3. I vote for the mini pochette!
  4. Damier azur pochette.
  5. mini pochette!
  6. inclusion bracelet is a great choice too:yes: (because I want one now~)
  7. An azur mini pochette is a better idea than an inclusion bracelet. (The bracelet is over 250 anyway.)
  8. i think the pochette sounds fab or how about something fun like a jack and lucie. no one can be upset around jack and lucie!
  9. I'd get the inclusion bracelet I think the pm size is $255 + tax
  10. I love my Monogram earrings but not all stores have stocks
  11. ^ Azur mini pochette is gorgeus, best thing in that price range IMO
  12. The azur mini pochette is so cute...I vote for it!
  13. azur mini puchette!!
  14. damier mini pochette!!!
  15. I vote either for the azur mini pochette or the Sweet mono earrings