$250,000 watch with mini trunk... would u buy it?

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  1. At $250K, I'd rather buy a house. If people have that much money to buy a watch like this, they should spend the money on saving the poor and homeless.
  2. Me too. 250K is a waste for a watch. I've never worn a watch, I look at my phone. Now, a 250K shopping spree at LV, that I could use. :graucho:
  3. i agree. i guess some people can throw away that kind of money...... x.x
  4. No I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a watch!
  5. if i had bill gates type of money yeah i would buy it.
  6. Boy, I like watches, but that is a bit over the top.

    My Cartier can keep time just as well
  7. I would rather get rolex for the quality and then save money....I rather buy a house instead! ;)
  8. I wonder who is this for: serious watch collectors have no interest in Vuitton, because it's a fashion brand. And serious Vuitton collectors don't normally spend that kind of dough for any one LV product. It seems misguided to me.

    There are people out there buying very expensive watches, but they're either getting a lot of bling (diamonds) or else a really fine, unique timepiece from a house with a famous watchmaking history and highly admired movements. Not Vuitton's rep.
  9. i would rather get a audemars piguet
  10. Agreed ;)
  11. No way
  12. Sure, it's only money. I could not care less about other people's perceptions about "fashion" watches or anything else really for that matter. Buy what you like.
  13. Well if I could afford a $250k watch I would probably get a BUNCH of watches for that kind of $ and I would most likely have everything I would want if I could spend that kind of cash (cars, house, ect..)