250,000 Facebook Profiles Harvested for Dating Site

  1. Continued: http://technolog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/02/04/5987200-your-facebook-profile-could-be-one-of-250000-on-dating-site
  2. I'm not sure that its point is to "stick it to Facebook". I think the goal was to demonstrate that the information there can be used by countless people, companies, data collection sites, etc. A person simply doesn't know where the information they post on FB could end up. Many people think they have the privacy settings under control and later find out they don't. Many people are complacent and assume that things they post online are private when, in fact, they are not.

    I personally think it is better if an experiment like this can bring these issues to light for people instead of worse things. But maybe the real lesson is that people don't WANT to know how private FB is or isn't. They don't care. They'd rather post pictures of themselves and their families and post the times they will be on vacation or their work schedules and assume that everyone who sees their site is a smiling friend who would never harm them.
  3. This is certainly an eye-opener and a reminder that whatever we put out there is free to others to access/use; I better double-check my privacy settings!
  4. Wow, that is really creepy! I always make sure my profile can't be seen by anyone except friends. But, you never know.
  5. So true. You would think that people would wise up considering that cases of burglaries directly connected to Facebook posts have been reported. There was even a gang of teens in LA that burglarized the homes of some celebrities using information they had gleaned from these celebs' Facebook postings.


    I would consider a person who only gets his or her stuff stolen to be rather lucky. There are some really sick, dangerous people out there, and potential victims are getting easier to access with all this information floating around.
  6. Now I know why I have so many spam mail recently. I am already opted out from FB... No longer want to use
  7. Good thing I don't have facebook now lol