25 vs. 28

  1. So today in a fit of cyber-shopping with a friend, I stumbled across a sweet 25cm Kelly. It's never crossed my mind to look at 25cm's before........but now I'm wondering what the big difference is between a 25 and a 28? :shrugs:

    Anyone own both?
  2. Just enough to hold yourself back from buying.

    I thought you were complete???:roflmfao: :wtf: :nuts: :confused1:
  3. :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  4. Are you using Shoes' one in one out method?
  5. Hi,
    I have both. 25 is super tiny! Definitely for petite women and 28 is a bit bigger but still I use it just for evening. I'd attach pics but I sent them off to be cleaned, happy to do it when they get back. If the stitching is on the outside of the bag, it looks bigger than the ones on the inside. Hope this helps!
  6. 25's are more for evening or dressy- they are usually rigid and cannot fit in as much. 28 fits more, especially if it is supple.
    I have 3 kelly's in 25 and I wear them quite often when I wear a suit or get dressed up and a large bag is not appropriate. It is a very classy look.
  7. We would love for you to post pic comparisons when you get them back in your hands!
  8. In my opinion, 25cm Kelly can be a daytime bag as well. 25cm Kelly holds alot more than it looks!!!!! I was so amazed by how much it could hold in that tiny bag! 25cm is indeed feminine size and practical at the same time!!!

  9. LOL!!!!! I am complete.....honest, KB! It's just that I saw this sweet Vermillion one on eBay and I began wondering if there was a big difference between the two and what those differences were.....

    For example.....I have both the 28 and the 32 and the 32 is MUCH bigger inside IMO than the 28. I can put the same stuff inside both but it all swims around inside the 32. But with the 25 vs 28 there's only 1-1/4" difference.

  10. ....I'm on a bloody bag-buying ban........and it's NOT easy!!!!!
  11. Lmao!!!!
  12. Maybe you should pm LaVan...she can more than give you the info.

    Then, check your pm's from me and I will more than give you....:noggin: :noggin: :noggin: :lecture:
  13. I must admit Shopmom...it has been a tad bit dull here without all your buying!!!
  14. welll........I guess I'd better start posting all those scarves and bracelets that have been tossed at me by the Johnny Depp Look-Alike FEDEX man that comes to my house......
  15. So Shopmom... Did you hit BIN???