25 Unpaid Items from Same Buyer

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
    Hopefully someone can lend insight on this...

    I had a buyer that bid on a crazy amount of auctions I had listed a while back (I was doing a big clean out, so it was something like 25 - almost all of my auctions). I sent them an invoice, and waited a couple days. I heard nothing. So, I sent them a kind email regarding checkout and let them know that after a certain amount of time an unpaid item would be opened. Again, no contact. I waited a day or two past this to give them the benefit of the doubt, and the UPI's were then opened. I thought with that, it may get their attention. It didn't. So, I waited for the 4 days to pass and then gave a little extra time. In total, a couple weeks had passed since auction end. Finally, the UPIs were closed and I thought this would be the end of it.

    No...they email me a day or two after saying they are trying to pay for what they won and can't do it - their payment is blocked. Without hearing from me, they then sent a direct payment through Paypal for several items they won, but a very tiny portion of the original 25 (I think they got my email because maybe they have purchased from me before, I am not sure). I emailed them back that some of the items they bid on were relisted when the unpaid items closed, and have already been resold - however if they want to purchase what is left we can maybe work something out with immediate payment (don't know if this was a good idea or not, but I have not had this situation before). I have not yet heard from them, and am unsure if I will.

    Well, after the fact, I had some other items on auction that ended recently, and this person went on another userid and bid on them all again! I can tell based on the order details. I don't know if they thought I wouldn't pick up on this, or if there is a bidding restriction on the id they used before (with the 25 items that went unpaid).

    What is your advice on this? I don't know if they intend to checkout or what their true intentions may be...would you contact ebay with the two userids in case they are trying to pull something? Or any other ideas?
  2. Did the buyer use a new ID because you'd blocked the other? Or did they bid because they thought you wouldn't catch it?

    If the former, call ebay to tell them that the buyer circumvented a block by using a different ID. If necessary, point the ebay rep to ebay's own policy.

    If it's just a new ID but the first wasn't blocked, you need to block BOTH right away!

    You need to go into your ebay and adjust your seller settings. You can restrict the number of items that buyers can bid on and/or buy.

    • go to Account settings.
    • Under "My eBay Views" click on Site Preferences
    • Go to "Selling Preferences" and "Buyer requirements"
    • Click "show" and "edit" on right side and choose the blocks you want.
    • One of the choices is to block "Buyers who may bid on several of my items and not pay for them"
    Block buyers who are currently winning or have bought (fill in the blank) of my items in the last 10 days.
    Only apply this block to buyers who have a feedback score of (fill in the blank) or lower.
    Consider selecting this requirement if you are selling expensive items and don't want to sell over a certain number to any single buyer. Learn more about how this requirement works.

  3. This was in such a very short timeframe that unfortunately I did not have chance to add the buyer to my block list quite yet - now I know there is two (and am wondering if there is more)..... How many ids can one person have??? If you block one id and do something like this, they buy again and you let ebay know they are linked...will they actually do something about it or turn a blind eye? The unpaid items were closed and they instantly placed bids from a different id on what I had remaining on auction. I think they thought I would not catch it, but I did as soon as I saw the order.

    I will say this...I have been on ebay for quite some time but on a smaller scale and am noticing a rash of buyers lately that are engaging in some *interesting* behavior :sad: Yes, I am changing my seller requirements as I normally just sell on buy it now, but thought a few auctions over the last few weeks may be good to shake things up. I think I got more than what I bargained for!
  4. You should have blocked the first ID as soon as you had to file UID. Then when the second ID bid, you would have had ammunition for reporting it to ebay.

    And your buyer requirements/seller preferences should be set up as soon as you start selling.

    Whether ebay will do something or not is anyone's guess but if you don't report both IDs, they can't do anything because they're not aware of the problem.