25% shopbop.com -BOP BASIC ONLY

  1. from daily candy:

    Back to Basics

    Shopbop-a-lou-bop-a-lop-bam-boo. Sing praises to Shopbop.com. They’re giving Deals readers a 25% discount on their Bop Basics line. What are we trying to say? Basically, this is an offer you can’t pass up.

    You can’t pull off that rolled-out-of-bed-looking-sexy effect without the right basics. Stock up on super-soft tanks, comfy yoga pants, zips, tees, and more at Shopbop.com. The entire Bop Basics line is 25% off for Deals readers.
    Enter code DAILYCANDY at checkout.

    not sure the expire date but i just got this email today!
  2. Was just about to post this! I love their own house brand, everything is so soft. Looks like there are some restrictions that Daily Candy didn't specify, though; the discount isn't working on any cashmere items for me, anyone else notice exclusions?

    Fast link to their Bop Basics Line
  3. Love, love the cashmere turtlenecks, too bad :crybaby:
  4. i couldnt get it to work for yoga pants either...maybe its not active yet?
  5. Thanks for the code!:yes: I love their crew necks! I just purchased 2 more (I already have 4). I tried buying the v-neck but the discount didn't work on it :confused1:
  6. it won't work on cashmere for me :sad:
  7. has anyone bought stuff from this line? if so, what would you compare the quality to? I have had my eye on some of the cashmere sweaters too...
  8. thanks