25% off your purchase at H&M

  1. If you come in to shop at the San Francisco Powell Street H&M between 6am and 10am on Black Friday, you'll get 25% off your entire purchase. I haven't heard of any restrictions so far. The Victor & Rolf stuff might even be included. Happy shopping ladies!
  2. I wish there was an H&M near me... or that they'd sell their merchandise online... :sad:
  3. How many H&Ms in the U.S.? Are they going to start expanding? I've never even seen one!!
  4. Is it inly the San Francisco H&M?
  5. wow! haha, Im already planning on being in sf union area for the Saks and NMs sales....damn....this is going to be fun..I dont like h&m though, but i might go to kill time from 6-7am until Saks opens LOL
  6. :wtf: I might be venturing downtown if I can brave BART that early!
  7. Only in SF?? I hope it's in LA too... I will have to call and ask.
  8. By the way, coats will be 50% off and you can add the 25% off on top of that. Basically, 75% off on almost all outerwear if you shop from 6am-10am. If you shop after that, you only get 50% off.
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