25% Off Trasporto - No tax, free shipping!

  1. PM me for details! :yahoo:

    Don't want them lurkers to get hold of this and then go on a shopping rampage and clean out all!
  2. I pm-ed you... I really wanna get a gioco..
  3. Thank you!! :tup:
  4. PM sent!
  5. You're very welcome!
  6. and I've pm'd hehe
  7. tehlilone : Replied!!

    And yeah, lurkers are out on full force I see ... hmmm ... didn't know they stay online 24/7 like this ..
  8. And yeah, Trasporto Gioco is only $114.00 shipped ...
  9. I just pm'd you too:tup:
  10. Got it .. and yeah, Tutti also on sale! :smile:
  11. yes please
  12. Thank you so much.. Nothing for me though.. I wish they had any of the bag styles I like.. oh well.. But congrats to everyone that got something... And a big thank you to PinkPeony..:woohoo:
  13. tax in ca though.. I got two mozzarella and fam hoodies.. one for me and one for my friend for her b-day..(:okay:No gioco for me though) Thanks again.. I really appreciate it..
  14. But still a steal! Congrats!!
  15. Congrats to those who've purchased your Trasporto - the site is now officially out of Denaro and Dolce!