25% off thepursestore

  1. code Fall25 expires 10/21

    not good on sale items, and probably not on marc jacobs either :smile:
  2. I used the 25% code at their last sale and it worked for MJ bags! :tup: I got an MJ Christy that is gorgeous. The Purse Store has great bags and wonderful service.
  3. Can't you order online?
  4. It is good on Marc Jacobs - just not good on sale items. I ordered a little stam earlier today over the phone & they took the code.
  5. Does anyone know which MJ bag the first picture is on their website??
  6. that's awesome!! yay!
  7. I'm pretty sure that is the Sofi.:smile:
  8. You can order online and they also have a great live chat option where you can ask any questions before ordering.:smile:
  9. I assume that answer is "yes" since everyone seems to be speaking well about this store. But is it reputable? I haven't ordered and I'm wary due to horror stories about other places. Thanks!
  10. I have nothing but great things to say about The Purse Store. Every bag I have purchased from them has been 100% authentic and their customer service is the best.:tup:
  11. They're great. I previously ordered a zip clutch from them during the last 25% offer.
    100% authentic MJ - arrived in perfect condition. Easy to reach by phone if you have any questions.
  12. i wasn't thrilled when i ordered a HH bag from them last spring, and it arrived with a slight defect (manufacturing glue on the leather). they agreed to accept the return, but refunded me the original purchase price MINUS the original shipping, which was supposedly free. their fine print says as much, but in the case that they had sent me a defective bag, i was not pleased. i got too busy to protest, so let it slide. it was 10-12$, not a huge deal, but enough to irk me a bit.