25% off sitewide coupon for ADASA.com

  1. i just received this in my emails, from now until 7/30 at 11:59pm, get 25% off on ADASA.com. (except pre-order and sale items). the coupon code is: ALOHA67.
    happy shopping!:yahoo:
  2. Love ADASA: Thanks! :tup:
  3. that's great! thanks!
  4. Thank you!! Got a Moni Moni I've been eyeing for the past few weeks.
  5. wow ..thzzzz i can buy my 7 jumpsuit for 150$ nowww thsssxx
  6. Wow thanks! I wish they had more Primp on there. :p
  7. this is great t4p
  8. Ooh I love Adasa! Thanks for the coupon! Looks like I'll be doing some shopping today :nuts: