25% off shoes.com with coupon code

  1. In lucky mag october, one of the breaks is a code for shoes.com. It works on sale or regular price merch. The code is luckybreaks7.

    Also, if you use lucky rewards you get another 20% back!!

    I only wish Zappos matched coupon codes. I emailed them to ask since shoes.com doesn't have as large a handbag selection.
  2. thank you so much!!! i called and they actually adjusted my purchase from thursday to match this code! saved $93!!
  3. ooh!! congratulations! Glad I posted this because $93 is a chunk of change!
  4. Also, fyi Zappos will match the code plus take an additional 10% off but they have to have the item in stock in the exact size, color, style, etc.
    Good news for people who don't have lucky rewards but otherwise the shoes.com rebate will be more in the end.
  5. thank you for posting. I will get a pair of ugly (UGG) boots for myself!!:yahoo:
  6. Does this work for Uggs? Doesn't seem like it does, I tried but it won't apply...
  7. Yeah! Saved $202 (+rebate)! Thank you!
  8. Yeah...obviously not...I have sent them a mail regarding this issue, I will keep you updated if there is any good news from them.:yes:
  9. So weird... why would they work on some designer brands and not others?! :sad:

    The magazine didn't say there were any restrictions. I would call them or check about Zappos price matching.
  10. Very tempting.