25% off Rebecca Minkoff!!!

  1. Those of you who are subscribed to dailycandy can get 25% off the whole site. Too bad they increased the price on their morning after mini from $475 to $525. But still, its a great deal!
  2. Do you guys think its a bit funny that all the prices raised since this promo was announced? I think its a tool to slowly sleighride into a higher price point -- which is genius... but we're on to it! ;) Obviously this will not stop me from buying one. But which color!!! My top pics are :
    1.) cream w. basket weave
    2.) royal w. basket weave
    3.) royal -- and wouldn't you know it. this color is sold out and of course that is making me hanker after it even more!
  3. Update - I just decided on and ordered the royal blue with the basket weave!! I'm so excited. The Royal Blue appeared back in stock so I was able to make a less emotional decision. I think I made the right choice b/c the cream w. basketweave is gorgeous as well but I think the look might be a little too conservative for me at the moment and I want something with a bit of punch! The royal blue may have been too much bunch without trim to break it up for me.... My only concern is that I've been seeing the larger size of this bag looking overly slouchy on girls carrying it - ie the bottom having feet makes me feel that there should be a bit more of a defined bottom to prevent it from looking sloppy when being carried.
  4. I've been eyeing this bag for a while in the same color. Please post pics when you get it and what the inside is like. I am so anal when it comes to pockets and zippers on the inside.
  5. I caved and bought the Morning After Mini in Navy!!

  6. I bought the regular size chocolate color in December but I returned it because the quality of the hardware was bad. Just wanted to warn everyone. Friends of mine had the gold chip right off the hardware, so their hardware turned silver. :push: Someone else on tPF said the hardware will oxidize if you don't keep the bag in its sleeper bag.

    Here is my post with pics if you're interested: Rebecca Minkoff bag

    Anyway, here is a picture of the inside of the bag. It only has one zip pocket if I remember correctly.
    RM morning after.jpeg
  7. I had the same experience with the hardware.
  8. Wow, thanks for the heads up. That's bad for such a pricey bag but it is gorgeous. Sigh...guess I'll lust after a Botkier now.
  9. After ordering the RM Navy Morning After Mini the other day, I got nervous because some of you had problems with the gold hardware chipping, coming off, etc. I decided to write to RM's customer service aobut this problem. I got the lovliest response last night from Jacquelyn and have decided to post it here for all of you to see.

    "My name is Jacquelyn and I work with Rebecca Minkoff. I appreciate you asking us this question to get the true information. Last year we had some growing pains and found out that some of our hardware was chipping. We fixed this in September of 2006, and have switched to all brass hardware. You have not one thing to worry about! Let me
    know if you, or anybody on the purse forum has any other questions. Enjoy your bag!"

    I think this should alleviate the fears that some of us had re: the hardware and I know that I am tickled to receive my new bag (which shipped today). I'll post pics when it arrives!
  10. the inside has a few slip pockets as well as a zip pocket.
  11. What do I need to do to find the bags and get this discount? Thanks!!
  12. What a refreshing response!! I have a lot of respect for Minkoff's company recognizing they had a problem, fixing it and being open with discussing it. My hat's off to them!
  13. Please post pictures of your navy morning after mini =)