25% off preferred customer coupon, help.

  1. okay so i'm new to this forum...anyway. im totally addicted to coach, i've spent rougly $2,500 on coach bags in the past year and a half. i LOVE the new midnight blue tweed soho hobo for fall and i need help. i got a preferred customer coupon last june...when do you think the next coupon will be coming out? i called two stores today asking, one store said oct/nov and the other store said that coach doesnt tell them. i know that the bag i want is ltd edition, so should i wait for a coupon or should i just go buy it?
  2. When the next coupon comes out..good chances are that the bag you want won't be in store anymore. B/c the coupon comes out when usually a new season starts w/ complete new lines & purses. And the coupon is for instore only not for phone orders, special orders, or purchases on their website. Generally bags in my area are only in the stores for about 3 months at most.

    Every time a coupon is issue..doesn't mean you'll get one everytime..so I've hear. I've got one the last 2 times they mailed them out.
  3. I was wondering that myself...I got two within like 2 months of each other...and then I haven't gotten anything...even though the brought the rest of the new stuff in this August.
  4. That's a tough call honestly.. I guess it depends on how disappointed you'd be if you didn't get the soho tweed hobo if it was sold out. If you'd be absolutely crushed and devasted.. you can go ahead and get it and then if the coupon comes out within the next month maybe you can return/rebuy it.
  5. Yeah, I agree with Sparkles. Just buy it now and if the 25% comes, just buy that and return it later on with th first receipt. It's the same bag after all....
  6. thank you everyone...i would have never thought of the return/rebuy thing...it's ingenious!
  7. Good lord I just realized I spelled devastated wrong. My brain must still be in bed today...I'm "devasted" :wacko: :lol:

    And usually the SAs at Coach are really nice about returns/exchanges so you should be fine :flowers:
  8. Although it states on the 25% postcards that in cannot be used on any special orders etc.. SA's will order you something that maybe is not carried in stores anymore or special addition items.
  9. There are nice SAs @ your Coach? My SAs are snobby. I doubt my Coach store would let me buy and return in a month and buy again. Maybe you should call and ask before you do that and take down the name.

    I think you have to have the Coach in an unused condition to do returns. So if you don't use it then you can return and buy it again. I think that'll be very hard on you. :P
  10. You could just buy it with the discount then return the new bag with the original receipt 2 days later. Get it? Buy the bag, return it with old receipt. Same bag, same tag. They can't really say anything.
  11. ^ I love the way you think Kathyrose :devil: :lol: I would've never thought of that one!