25% off lunaboston 1/30 only

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  1. use code "fabthings25"
  2. thanks!
  3. Does it work for SALE item also?
  4. The site is going really slow!

    Thanks for posting! I had my eye on a few things. :tup:
  5. super slow! :confused1:
  6. from what i've seen their codes usually work for sale items, i know my "grechen" code for 20% off does...
  7. Thanks so much! Took me a while but I snagged an RM wallet I have wanted for a while now.
  8. It does work on sale items, I just got a cute bag!
  9. yay! finally got me an RM Kerry pouch in Peacock!
  10. Thank you for the code! I had a couple things in my cart from yesterday that I snagged! Woohoo!
  11. I got this in my inbox too! I could not resist and snagged a RM french tote in black patent!!!
  12. Yay thanks for posting, I got a cute evening clutch I've been eyeing in the sale section for several weeks now.