[25% off ] Juicy Couture Outlet

  1. Juicy couture outlets are having 25% off all handbags and wallets from today 2/1 until Sunday 2/3!!

    I picked up a juicy bowler for $75!!


    Btw, I went to the one at Leesburg Premium Outlets, VA
  2. UGHHH!!!!

    We don't even have any Juicy boutiques here, let alone OUTLETS! I want a juicy bowler! :sad:
  3. Aww..only outlets?!? Man, I wanted a Juicy tote..there are several boutiques here but I don't know if they have a sale.
  4. Can you give us some ideas of what are on sale? If there is some good stuff then I will drop by tomorrow!
  5. Never really liked the selection at the outlets. Slow movers in the main stores.