25% off Juicy at Shirleyandcompany.com

  1. Cindy at shirleyandcompany just emailed me that everyone on TPF will receieve 25% off with the code iloveyou until Feb 14. Also they are sending free gifts while supplies last. This code works for EVERYTHING on the website. All orders over $75 are free. She is so nice and ships fast. I might have to take advantage of this offer although I just bought something last week from there.
  2. Thanks so much shasha! I was going to buy a terry dress last week, but I'm glad I held off! I'm getting it now!
  3. I forgot to add, the the discount goes back down to 20% after the 14th.
  4. oh...cool. thanks again.
  5. :ty: Shasha!!!! Since you posted the code I saved over $50 on a juicy purse! I'm so happy!! Thanks for sharing!! :love:
  6. Clever coupon code for the holiday. I am starting to build up a collection of the handbags.
  7. ^I know me too!

  8. JenY....which hangbag did you get?
  9. awsome thanks for posting!!
  10. I wonder what the free gift is?
  11. I got the gigi strawberry fields in black. Did you get one too??

    I wonder if we needed a code for the free gift because my order confirmation didn't say anything about a free gift.
  12. ^I think she will just add it in. btw, cute bag that you got. I noticed that it sold out very fast.
  13. Oh wow, it is sold out! They still have the pink one though. I got my order process and purchase confirmation emails yesterday so hopefully I'll get it.

    Anyone know what method of shipping they use? TIA!
  14. Don't worry, if you got the confirmation you will get it. They ship via UPS.
  15. JenY...I got the gigi with the engagement ring from the last group of styles...but I LOVE the strawberry! I'm thinking about getting the pink one....