25% off- I got one!!

  1. :yes: I got one in the mail today!! Who else got them?
  2. I can't believe it - one arrived today. I didn't expect it!
  3. I would love it if one would come, but I don't think it will happen.
  4. I'm still waiting too...I'm about to check my mail. Hopefully it's in there. ::crosses fingers::
  5. I don't think I'll be getting one. :[

  6. I received mine today!!
  7. I got one too!! Get to go shopping, yea!!:yahoo:
  8. Haven't gotten yet....I should...I've spent enough money at the boutique the past few months....on the other hand...I don't need to spend the money..and I will!!
  9. :yahoo: I got one!!!!
  10. :happydance:

    Mine came in the mail today!
  11. i didnt. wonder if its because i dont always shop at the same boutique??? guess i will just have to shop at macys FF, as i really want to get my SIL a bag!
  12. I got one.. shame I can't use it as I moved away from my COACH store.
  13. None here...wish LV would send them out...LOL!!!
  14. People must learn to look up for threads. We have about 5 threads with this subject.
  15. ^

    I think this one is just about who got one. The others ones are about the info and details of getting one.
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