25% off everything at jcmadison except for RM due to designer request. Yeah right!

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  1. At least they can be honest about the reason behind their stinginess, since we all know Rebecca doesn't interfere with this type of thing. Maybe we should e-mail them and tell them we know better and to take off the "designer request" part because it makes Rebecca look bad.
  2. I think maybe we need to consider that Rebecca is in fact limiting codes nowadays on her bags. :sad: JC Madison is not the only online boutique to say this recently. The people at Revolve told me the same thing - that due to a restriction from Rebecca herself, they cannot honor codes on her bags anymore.

    Have you seen this post from grechen from the Codes thread?

    I know a couple of us have asked RM and RM Maven about whether this is true or not but we have not received any response yet.

    I personally would be very disappointed if Rebecca stopped allowing discount codes on her bags via online retailers.
  3. I took the code warning to heart and just bought what appears to have been the last dusty steady from luna boston w/30% discount. I'm really happy I grabbed it. I'm now ready to grab Nikkis with discounts if I see them.

    They're calling the peak of the bag bubble, but I say no way, especially not for RM who is practical and anti-bling. From the interview just posted, it seems like the brand is ready to really blow up and may migrate to a higher price point. Not fun for us, but it's no joke to protect and cultivate brand these days, especially when you manufacture within the US.

    And even in recession, luxury is counterintuitive.
  4. ^^I agree with your reasoning but if she does it, I don't know that it will work at this point. Of course, I love RM, and I understand the need to manage the brand, but for me, one of the main attractions to her handbags is that they are so affordable and such great quality for the price. As someone here once said, "affordable luxury." I think a lot of the reason so many of us here on TPF have so many of her bags is that they are so affordable with codes. I love RM, but when I start paying upwards of $600 I am looking for a different type of bag (in my case, mostly MJ) and would rather use the money on a high-end bag. But when bags are around 400, I will buy a lot of them -- so actually she ends up getting MORE of my money than Marc Jacobs might by using codes because I feel like I'm getting a better deal.
  5. You have used a code for 30% off at LB? What code was/is it?

  6. yeh, i want to know too....:tup:
  7. Dammit, that's a mistake, I'm sorry. I meant Label360.
  8. I agree with you, it seems that the popularity is bolstered by the achievable price. And, the stars carrying these bags are all in their 20s, so it's hard to imagine that they don't want young girls lusting after these bags.

    Young girls can cobble together a couple hundred. But when you get into the $700+ range, you start competing with older brands, not to mention the knock-off trade.

    I'll be curious to see how it all plays out this year...
  9. I am just happy I have at least one RM...I hope I can get another at the sample sale that is supposed to be coming up, but I think prices are going to skyrocket soon and I won't be able to afford it anymore. I got lucky and got my MAB from shopbop for $400 last july.
  10. Revolve told me the same thing that the Designer is not allowing anymore codes.
    Does even JT work for 15% or not?
  11. I want to get my MAB & MAM for such a price, but I'm going to have to troll ebay for it, I think.

    Please O please let there be an LA sample sale...
  12. Here is a quote from 3Snuffles over on the label360 thread:

    "Ladies! I got a very nice response from Catalina. I hope everyone understands that RM DOES NOT place ANY restrictions on what retail stores do, any restrictions on her items once out of RM's hands are due to store policy, and RM has no problem with Label 360 continuing to offer awesome discounts. RM is not mad at Label and appreciates our dedication. "

    So - no, Rebecca is not limiting code usage. It is just companies restricting coupon usage on her bags because they sell so well.
  13. Oh - and BTW, JT for 15% does work at Revolve on Rebecca Minkoff bags. So, they will accept codes on RM, just not 30% off ones.
  14. I was so happy to find affordable bags that were made well and in the US. As prices climb though, which looks very likely considering the get away satchel is $675 and the get away tote is $715. I think I will back down from considering 3-4 RM purchases to 1-2 a year.
  15. I'm glad Catalina came through with some type of response. My understanding is that retailers place orders for/purchase an amount of product, and then it's up to them to sell it any way they see fit. Of course, they won't sell the product for less than they paid.

    I've never understood why people think they 'deserve' a discount of some type. Whatever happened to 'discount' being 'unusual' - it seems that so many of us have come to EXPECT a discount.

    I've never had a problem paying full price for anything except a car and a house, which of course is too much $ all at once. One has to borrow. If I can't afford a handbag, I save up or ask the Credit Card Gods to forgive me. But I WON'T NOT buy something 'just because there's no discount code'. How silly, when you think about it.

    This same conversation happens among the other 'brands' - may still be a continuing ***** in the HH threads.

    If you like something, buy it. If you need to save $ for it, do that. But don't expect anybody to give anything away on a regular basis.

    Imagine if Balenciaga had discount codes, and we all started *****ing because they suddenly stopped...

    Just my 2 cents' worth.