25% off coupon... I did not get the coupon but will get the 25% off!!

  1. I know there is a thread opened to discuss the coupon, but wanted to share what happened with me.

    I usually buy my coaches at Macys since I have their CC and I get coupons and discounts, but I bought my patchwork tote from this nice SA at Coach at our local mall. So i went yesterday to check out the new collection; and that lovely SA approached me asked me how was my baby and how am I enjoying my tote, then she asked me whether I recived the 25% off coupn or not, and I told her No (and i know why) so she said, come on thursday and I will give you the 25% off, then she told me that she could do a presale so I got all excited and did a presale on this

    so guys, if you are close to an SA at your coach, they might give you that 25% off!!

    :roflmfao: :yahoo:
  2. A good SA is a pearl of great price. Congrats on finding yours!
  3. And congrats on your booktote!! I love mine!!
  4. Congrats! Nice SA you got there!
  5. Do you know if all the Coach stores are offering the extra 25%. I just bought a coach bag today and specifically asked if there were any discounts coming up and the SA told me no. Wow I would have loved to get the extra discount.
  6. Nope, it's a regional thing. It's for preferred customers only too I believe.
  7. Wow! Good for you. Enjoy your tote - it's gorgeous!
  8. Hi guys, thank you!!
    The purpose of my thread was to ask a nice SA if sh ecan give you that discount, it starts on thursday. I mean come on all I bought from that store was 2 bags and i was given the 25% off . i know some people deserve it more than I do.
    if anyone lives in Orlando, FL. I am willing to go with you to the store and get you that 25% off if you want
  9. Nina; we will be twins! This is the bag I preordered as well.
  10. A few months back my local store offered I think 30% off. I actually had an invitation, but did not need it. My Coach store was offering to anyone and everyone in the store. (Walt Whitman Mall, Long Island, New York). If I didn't have an invitation I'd still go down to the store. (Although there not offering it in my area this time).
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