25% off code for handbags

  1. I can say I am soold! I have my new handbag from Kataphileo and it is gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. I got it yesterday so anyway now that I know the service is great and turn around time on receiving is excellent (this is my 2nd time ordering. I didn't want to post about them unless they were consistent) I will post their code...kata25 gets your 25% off their whole site. I got an extra 10% off plus the 25% because I purchased the featured item, the Andarei Sempre.

    This is my new clutch! I had my mom hold it so I could get a clear picture. Isn't she gorgeous!
  2. I ordered a Kale TATE bag today from kataphileo with that code. I can't wait to get it! Very CUTE clutch!
  3. Thank you desiprincess! I am VERY excited about it. I can't wait to take it out on the town tonight. Ah don't you just love handbags!
  4. here's the link for those who are interested...

    PixieGirl - what a great looking bag, and very versatile too...jessica alba's burgundy one is a hot color.
  5. that's a nice clutch...i need one of those i need to check out the link
  6. pixie- how much did you get your clutch for?! They totally just raised all their sale prices from last week today. Luckily I purchased my Kale bag before they raised the prices this morning. Some of the prices they ridiculously increased! I saw a Cynthia Rowley bag on sale this morning for $90 marked down from $398, and now it is back up to $296. Thats ridiculous! Both of these bags were less than $100. I double checked to make sure it wasn't my eyes either, that i was looking at the discount off, but no, it really was the price.


  7. I don't think the prices were intentionally increased. I received an email from Kataphileo earlier today regarding a computer glitch in their system.
  8. yea I received the email too, stating that the system hadn't updated prices from their sale last week. I just think its stupid they marked it on sale for $90 last week, and increase the price now to $296. I could understand an increase in price once the sale is over. $50 bucks ok..$100 ok, but a $200 increase- Flat out ridiculous:hysteric:
  9. Don't you think it would be a little odd that a bag that is from this most recent season would be marked down almost 78%...from the price of $398 to $90? That doesn't even sound like a price people would discount. Now a 25% discount sounds feasible ($398 now $296=25% markdown). Also since you can't even access the Cynthia Rowley handbag you are speaking of or the Kale handbags for that matter except thru the link you provided (they aren't up on the kataphileo site right now), wouldn't the most likely explanation be something wrong with the system? Im not trying to start an argument but I have always had wonderful service from Kataphileo and I stand behind companies whose service went above what the standard is especially since there are so few of those type companies on the internet.
  10. There is no need to start an argument over it. I have not said anything to slander their service or their standard. There is another forum with multiple people that were able to view and PURCHASE the same bags as i was able to. I purchased a Kale bag 5 hrs ago from their site. From the email they sent, it appears there was a glitch in their system THIS MORNING which refers to the sale prices from last week not being re-adjusted back to the retail price.

    All I am saying is they have increased the prices A LOT from their sale last week till now.Yes a 25% discount is feasible, which is what their markdown is now. Ultimately, my point is, I don't find it justifiable for ME to pay more for a bags they had listed for A LOT less for A WHOLE WEEK if not longer. I am perfectly happy with the bag I bought from them today, and hoping their glitch is fixed soon, i plan to buy even more.
  11. I got a Linea Pelle bag from this site that sells for $470 and is still on sale for $357 on the LP site. I paid $186 for it with two day delivery. It came beautifully wrapped with a cute note with a rose and petals in the box. I would recommend this site. Alicia was great!:angel:
  12. Nice clutch.
    I love it.
  13. Sorry desiprincess for sounding like I was jumping down your throat. I had a really bad experience with a purchase I made from a website this past week and they never communicated with me so I thought I was getting something I wanted but it wasn't the right thing and it makes me want to defend those that really seem to try hard to communicate and give the personal experience. Anyways, I am so sorry for being like that.
  14. No worries:smile:. I can understand the misunderstanding. But yea i was not at all slandering their service. Alicia is GREAT. I had several emails from her, thanking me for my order, then even had my order shipped via 2 day delivery within minutes. Their service is superb. I just can't wait to get my bag!!!:woohoo:
  15. Thanks for all the clutch compliments! I took it out with me Friday and Saturday night and received soo many compliments on it. This clutch is hot!! I wish I had so more pictures to show of me out with the clutch but they were all shots of our heads!