25% off card

  1. Have any of you guys received the Coach discount card yet? I don't know if I will use it. :confused1: Although I may go into the store to browse.

    Actually are there any Seattle members interested? If so PM me.
  2. i've never gotten one...
    are there only certain things you can use it on?
  3. As much money that I have spent in that store in the past year, I don't know how I didn't receive one. I wonder what kind of money or workings are behind who gets a coupon.
  4. Supposedly it's based on if an SA puts you in the system or not. I have a neighbor who buys at least as much Coach as I do, and she's never gotten one. But I've been getting them for over a year now. I don't think there's another one due for at least another month or so, though. I remember last year drooling over the purple suede line when it came out in Sept but I didn't buy it until later that year when the coupon showed up in the mail..
  5. Laria-Do you mean you just recently got one? I was hoping with the new line dropping Oct 1 there would be one for the end of this month..but haven't seen anything yet...
  6. Yes, I got one in the mail a few days ago. It is for September 13th to September 17th. I am surprised since I have not used my last two cards. But as usual it is for 25% off of anything in the store except Legacy collection, gift cards, special orders, merchandise holds, coach.com, and phone orders. Also international and factory stores are not part of it.

    I don't know if it allowed for me to say this (if it isn't someone please edit this) but I thought if anyone in my area would like 25% I could meet up with them at a Coach store and use the card together or something like that. Like I said I may not use it at all since I don't know if I want anything. :smile:
  7. Hmmm, everytime I go in they ask for my name and if my address is correct. So does that mean they are keeping track of my items?
  8. Elongreach, they've done that with me as well, but I haven't bought a lot though. I'm surprise you haven't gotten anything!
  9. It took a LONG time before I started getting them.....I've been buying for probably 3 years ....and I just got my first one earlier this year.
  10. :cursing: That blows! I've never gotten one either..And I've ordered a lot from their website AND purchased from the store! I'm going to call coach if I have a chance today..I'll keep everybody posted! :heart: Emmy
  11. I got one once but didn't use it. I have feeling that by not using it, you get knocked out of the system.
  12. I've received one the last 2 times & used them both..hopefully I'll get another one this week. I've only been buying Coach for a year and a half but my SA put me in for them. You could ask your SA to get you one, they will call you when they get it in & they should put you in the mailing list for future discount cards.

    Did you receive a catalogue w/ the card? The SA at the Fair Oaks store said they were behind in catalogues. And all the bags would probably be out before the cata.
  13. I have only bought from the outlet so I don't get one. LOL.
  14. I got one last time, but no sign of one yet .. but that's okay as I'm not dying for anything in stores now.
  15. I want one sooo bad...I'm anxiously awaiting for the mail to arrive!