25% off Bottega Handbags in Canada

  1. [FONT=&quot]Hi Ladies,
    Just want to let everyone living in Canada know that there will be 25% off at Holt Renfrew tomorrow for all Bottega Bags. Good luck!![/FONT]
  2. :nuts:

    I would tell my best friend to go nuts shopping, but then she's not a fan of expensive bags at all! Bummer! For all Canadian PFers, be sure to share your haul if any!

  3. Thanks .... I was in the downtown Toronto store earlier this week and the selection is kind of blah. (Though they did have a Roma in ferro-I think it was $3800-and a red medium Veneta, I think.)

    The real problem is the prices - the brown Milano Club Montaigne, for example, is $4900. That makes it $3675 before taxes (14% in Ontario). If you bear in mind that the Canadian and US dollars are nearly equal now (about a cent difference)... and that the same bag is on sale for $2490 in the US..... can you say ouch? But .... they DID have .....!

    Keep in mind that the discount also doesn't apply to previously marked down items (and there were a few BVs for good prices on the tables - all much older designs...)
  4. i was in vancouver in june. there was a beautiful lv, hermes and holt. but with the 14% tax it paid to wait to get back to ny. it must be very have for canadian tpf-ers.
  5. YES IT IS HARD FOR US!! The BV prices here are completely out of line especially considering that the Canadian and US dollars are basically at par - plus the selection is pretty woeful as well at the ONLY place in Canada that carries BV. But thanks to the internet we are not stuck with what we can get locally - although it would really be nice to have a Canadian BV boutique!
  6. BookerMoose- thank you, yes i meant "hard for canadian tpf- ers". guess i should be sleeping and not typing.
  7. I was briefly in HR yesterday and they had the same old, same old. Nothing new for cruise yet, classic styles like the Veneta, Roma, Sloane, etc. A few sale pieces but they've come out before and have been on the sale table for a long time.
  8. Didn't make it to Holts yesterday for the sale (I am not buying any more BV right now anyway!) but I did pop in today on the way to work and they have at least gotten in a bit of new and more interesting stock since the last time I was there - including a medium Veneta in moutarde which is by far the brightest BV I've seen at Holts yet... The colour was greener IRL than I expected - I thought it would be more an orangey yellow than a greeney yellow, but I did like it and it certainly brightened up the BV display! They also had a ferro Pyramid and a ferro Roma, too - which was the first time I have seen ferro IRL (and I really it!).

    Gee, does the Montaigne come in ferro?!?!?
  9. C'mon, BookerMoose - branch out a tiny bit - go for the ferro Pyramid!!!
  10. What!!! They had a ferro pyramid! I should not have come to this thread...now I'll be thinking about that bag!

    I'm with mistikat, get the ferro pyramid! The roma is nice too.
  11. BookerMoose you must get the ferro pyramid. It is just breathtaking! :girlsigh:
  12. Well, now only the Ferro Roma left. Stunning bag. Ridiculously priced at $3900 Canadian, though..... Ugh! (how much does it go for in the US, anyhow?) I'm told HR will be having their last pre-Xmas sale on Dec. 23.
  13. ^^$2700 big ones, and thats before taxes...fortunately I got mine in Oregon, the wonderful state of no sales taxes!
  14. mistikat & bookermoose, I totally agree with you 2. The selection at HR Vancouver is kind of blah too. Nothing really catches my attention. Do you guys live in Vanc or Toronto? My friend just told me Leone in Vancouver has 30% on the BV bags too. I haven't had a chance to see it but she told me the selection is much better than HR. But as you all said, the tax is killing us. 13% in BC here.
  15. Leone carries BV?!?! I didn't know that... although I've never really felt cool or fashionable enough to comfortably wander in there - always worried someone will tap me on the shoulder and ask me to leave!!

    I'm in Vancouver - mistikat is in Toronto. Both Holts have rather underwhelming BV collections, it appears. And it isn't just the tax - the markup from the US to the Canadian price is outrageous (at least at Holts) especially considering that are dollars are basically at par.

    But now I feel the need to wander down to Leone tomorrow at lunch...