25% off - Banana Republic Thank You Event 7/16-7/19

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  1. I did a search and didn't see this mentioned. I got a postcard today about this event:

    25% off any purchase at Banana Republic when using BR, Gap, or ON card July 16-19

    Online code: THANKYOU
  2. I just got my card, too! Yea! Great timing for shopping for fall!
  3. Thanks for posting! I really want a trench coat from gap and I just received a $100 GC. Yay~~!!!

  4. hun, my BR store has been 55% of this whole week! i got a new jacket there and i got burberry polos at my burberry store for 15$ and swim trunks for 30$
  5. Just wanted to bump since event starts today - Happy Shopping!
  6. bump! stilll going on!
  7. Thanks for posting. I just returned from the store with a huge haul of clothes for my husband and three things for myself. Most of it was already on sale so this made it even better.
  8. I got a cashemere cardigan from the store for a total of 11.00!! I also wanted to mention that their outlet is having a huge sale. 40% off the entire store and 50% off clearance. I got nine dress shirts, a pair of dress pants, one skirt, two dress pants for DH and a shirt for my step dad. All for about $108 :P
  9. ^Ooooh!!!! Thanks for posting, there's an outlet nearby, I hope to score some great deals like you! Do you know if the sale is only for this weekend or is it ongoing?