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  1. ThePurseStore.com
    Sale Ends Friday, April 13

    This offer does not apply to Marc Jacobs Handbags, sale items or prior purchases.

    This offer may not be combined with other offers and is valid for web purchases only. Expires 04/13/07
  2. Great coupon, thanks! I never realized how many brands on the website can only be ordered over the phone :crybaby:
  3. I seldom browse their site but I'm headed that way now. Thanks for posting this sale.
  4. I hate that site. WTF is the point when half the brands aren't even on there?
  5. I'm pretty happy with The Purse Store for the most part. I have gotten good deals, and shipping is always fast. I guess every store has its policy, but I do wish the Botkier bags were online :sad:
  6. They used to have a lot more brands online. It is annoying when you are browsing for a purse and it just tells you to call and ask. Thanks for the coupon!
  7. I deal with the Purse Store pretty regularly. The fact that a purse is not on the site does NOT mean that it isn't available for purchase. If you call them and they have the bag, they will post a link for you, and you can then buy the bag through the web. They're great to deal with, and they deliver F-A-S-T.
  8. They are very reliable to deal with! I just wish we could apply the coupon to sale items like you can at Revolve Clothing.