25% off at spanx.com!! Until November 1st

  1. use promo code "Washington".... Worked for me today!! Enjoy!!:tup:
  2. Spanx are AWESOME!!!! (didn't like the pantyhose though!) Be sure to get a natural color, too!

  3. Thanks so much!!:flowers: I was going to order anyway and you saved me some cash!:heart:
  4. Here's the link about the 25% off discount from spanx.


    They have different coupon codes depending on which city you live because they will donate $5 to you local area Junior League each time the code is used.

    I live in Houston so my code is "Houston".

    Here's the link to the different city codes:

  5. Oh thanks, I'm going to show my mom this b/c she loves her spanx!
  6. Work for me too! Thanks!
  7. i ordered the reversible tights (black / grey) and they are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must have for this fall!
  8. Thanks, that's a great savings. Has anyone worn their cami's? Like or dislike?
  9. I practically live in Footless Super Control (Extra Tummy Control.) They take me down at least a half a size without feeling constricted or making my stomach hurt. If you've never worn them, they feel very tight going on and then they're fine with amazing support.

    I recently purchased the Slim Cognito Seamless Control Panty for $42.00 and I was super disappointed. It fit fine at first, but after 20 minutes or so the waistband started to roll down and they kept riding up. They were the proper size and I just felt ripped off since I've never paid that much for panties and obviously couldn't return them.
  10. OMG! I was just going to start a thread asking for a code for spanx!

    THANK YOU! I'm ordering some right now!
  11. Foo-ey! They don't have XS! :tdown:

    I called them and asked about their return policy. You can return them within 30 days.
  12. I LOVE Spanx!!
  13. Unfortunately I waited more than 30 days before I even wore them for the first time. I learned my lesson and I will just stick with their pantyhose. Thanks for telling me though.
  14. great-just got a pair too (black/brown)- always looking for great black tights--first time trying and happy to hear that these are good!
  15. awesome just placed an order and saved 24 bucks. how awesome.