25% off at Luna Boston

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  1. Use luckybreaks3

  2. Thanks for posting- -I love Luna Boston!
  3. Thanks but do you happen to know the expiration date? It is a great site.
  4. I believe the code will apply from when the magazine first came out until the end of September (because it's the Sep. issue).
  5. Thanks for the coupon code. I just used it to order the Anna Corinna jetsetter in steel. I really appreciate you posting this coupon.:heart:
  6. any expire date?
  7. Plus, their "Summer Sale" is on....They didn't have what I was looking for but with the 25% off you can get some good buys. Happy Shopping.
  8. Good deal, and I love Luna Boston! They have super fast shipping (took one day to get from MA to NJ!). I'm stalking the Rebecca Minkoff MA mini in green and the Jenny Yuen Cleo.
  9. Thanks for the code!