25% Off At Lesportsac.com!!!

  1. Code luckybreaks6 !
  2. aye it sucks that almost all the trasporto bags are sold out :sad:
  3. For some reason it was letting me order a Trasporto denaro. So if anyone wants one it seems that the website still has some :yahoo:
  4. i ordered a transporto denaro
    hopefully they have it i would have thought it was sold out:yahoo:
  5. Do you know when this code expires? :o
  6. I ordered a trasporto denaro, too! Hope it has good placement, thank you for sharing btw.:tup:
  7. wahhh!!! they're sold out of tutti denaros :sad:
  8. yay, thanks! I got the barrel cosmetic and courier, both in bunnyville :heart:
  9. hoho, this must mean vacanze is coming out soon on the webby! (i think) because they did a sale like this before tutti/trasporto was released too
  10. NO! You're kidding me!!!!

    Aghhhhhhhh I just bought stuff a couple of days ago!!!!!!
  11. I don't know. It was in Lucky magazine but they didn't give a date. I think they usually last a month or two.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Just ordered a tutti dolce, which I wouldn't at retail. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get a good placement. :p And yes, Vacanze is coming up soon...end of Oct according to the Customer Svc at Lesportsac.
  13. Yeah I hope the code is still good when they get Vacanze on the site. I want a Zucca but I don't want to pay full price for one.
  14. ^ I wish too, but I'm sure there's no way that's gonna happen.
  15. wow this is great! i am going ot get a denero for my daught!