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  1. I just got my 25% off Coach card in the mail. If anyone shops at the South Hills Village Store in PA let me know and I will share it with you!
  2. I'm SO JEALOUS! ;_; Candy Need more Carly!
  3. aaah, you received it already! i cannot wait for mine!
  4. :cursing: I want mine!!!! (should this go in the 'hissy' thread?)

    Handbglvr...(if you see this post) if I get one and you don't, I'll share mine with you!!! That goes for anyone else that shops at Coach at the Maine Mall as well!! Or for any other TPF'rs out there as well, you don't need to be in Maine for me to share!!

    Oh I hope my postman was good and left one in my mailbox today!!! :p
  5. I got mine today, too!!!! It's my VERY FIRST PCE CARD EVER!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
  6. Got mine today too! Woo-hoo!

    I'm in Pittsburgh but shop at Ross Park.
  7. Its my very first card in the mail too...thats why I am so excited to share!!!! Well if anyone knows someone looking in Pittsburgh let me know and they can shop with me. I haven't been on here lately so I am kinda behind on my coach info...are new purses coming out soon? I dont want to shop right away if new fall stuff is coming out.
  8. Wooo... got mine!! :yahoo:
  9. YAY!!!! Just got mine in the mail:yahoo:

    I usually get them, but have never really read over the fine print..on the back of the card it states that the card will be taken at the time of purchase which is only good for one transaction. It also states that it's only valid on purchases of Fall 2007 merchandise.
    Do the cards usually say all that, or did they indeed become more strict with the PCE?
  10. I got mine in the mail today also :yahoo:. Since word was they were being more exclusive I did not know if I would get one as I just got a wallet and some sunglasses in June. Now I have to decide what to get:yes:
  11. I got one today, too. Not sure how though - I have never shopped at Coach. :shrugs: How do you get on this list? Just curious.
  12. I think they always say that, but I do believe jewelry is not included...
  13. They took my PCE card from me the last time around.

    And Bagluver, that's weird you got a card. You get on the "list" by shopping at the Coach boutique...
  14. That's what I thought. Really weird. I've bought a couple of little things at the outlet, but that's it. Oh well, just lucky I guess.
  15. YAY! I was just asking when the next PCE event was!
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