25% off all regular and sale merchandise @ Rapunzel's Closet

  1. Just got this in my e-mail:


    Code is TREAT07. Remember, it's valid ONLY for tomorrow (August 1, 2007) and applies to ALL merchandise, including sale items! Plus, free shipping for all orders over $200. Some deals I spotted:

    Bulga Large Butterfly Tote in Brown, $225
    Botkier Medium Bianca Satchel in Cherry, $446.25

    Their customer service page doesn't list any brand restrictions and I tried a different code for 15% on Botkier bags and it worked, so happy shopping tomorrow!
  2. Thanks for posting - they have some Rebecca Minkoff morning after bags - bummer I'm on a purse ban!!
  3. Good deal! I wish they had more Bulgas.
  4. i just bought a rebecca minkoff mini morning after bag in chocolate. the person on the phone was helpful in helping me decide on this purse or the botkier bianca in medium. i wasn't sure that i wanted that bag since i already own four biancas in different sizes. i do love the botkier chocolate. i hope the rebecca minkoff in chocolate is a rich enough brown for the fall. i do believe the coupon said full priced merchandise only on the header.
  5. i forgot to mention the salesperson had some interesting news. she said that this is the last seaon botkier is going to make the bianca
    , and that they have gotten in the last shipment and will not be getting any more.
  6. They have great customer service. They always throw in freebies like a nail file with your order. Also, I'm not sure we got the same e-mail, since the subject line on the e-mail that came with that discount code definitely says full and sale priced merchandise.

    Thanks for the news about Botkier. I love this style! Knowing that this is its last season makes me sooo tempted to get it in cherry...
  7. you are right, it does say sale priced also.
  8. Wow! Talk about fast service - I ordered this morning, and just got an email that my order was shipped!
  9. what did you buy?
  10. I went for the Bulga Large Butterfly bag......I have a green one and love it. I like to use it when I'm afraid my good ones might get hurt.......